Domestic Water Heaters

Domestic Water Heaters

The efficiency standards as set forth by DOE (Department of Energy), which take effect on April 16th, 2015, have a significant impact on the distributor and their employees.


Employees will have to be re-trained in order to better understand the new and sometimes complex technology.

  ASA University has updated the Domestic Water Heaters©
course to reflect the new

The most notable Product Changes are described below:

Electric water heaters:

  • Heaters will require additional insulation to meet the new efficiency requirements, which will increase both the diameter and height. This will necessitate additional warehouse space. This will also hold true for heat pump water heaters.
  • Additional insulation may be required on piping and fittings.
  • Electric heaters above 55 gallons of storage may not meet the new standard and will require the installation of a heat pump water heater.

Gas water heaters:

  • Like the electric heaters, gas water heaters will require additional insulation, which will also increase tank size, as well as the addition of a flue damper, and an electronic ignition (no more standing pilots).
  • Storage tanks greater than 55 gallons must be high efficiency (90%+) using condensing combustion technology, which will require line voltage circuitry (120VAC) as well as a means of disposing the condensate from the heater.

Oil-fired heaters:

  • Currently there are a few manufacturers that have product that already meets the new DOE Standard. Others will most likely add additional insulation, flues, or a new combustion system to meet the new standard.

New technology brings change that will impact the distributor. In order to support the new technology, the distributor faces a few challenges:

  • Training employees on the new technology so they can better assist their customers.
  • Training employees on the proper and safe handling of the new appliances.
  • The new technology may require additional components for installation such as condensate pumps and venting material, pipe, and fittings.

All of this training and more can be found in the ASA University Store.

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