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Advance Your Awareness

Part of ASA’s mission as a member organization is to promote and educate our members on safety in their workplaces. Safety touches each of us in our everyday lives, whether it’s on the job, at play, or locking our seatbelt in place before we hit the road.

ASA’s Safety Task Group works to develop useful tools and resources to help our members be safe on the job and in their lives. Below, you’ll find several useful links, including ASA’s Eye on Safety articles, safety-focused webinars, and other timely information to help keep you profitable and safe on the job.

The ASA Safety Task Group also oversees the ASA Safety Award. Click here to read more about the Safety Award and how your company can get involved!

Eye On Safety Articles

ASA's monthly Eye on Safety column in Supply House Times, the official publication of ASA, is prepared by subject matter experts and industry professionals who follow and promote smart practices that lead to a safer workplace.

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Safety Webinars

As a free service to our members and industry partners, the ASA Safety Task Group sponsors quarterly webinars on current topics and updates on new and improved best practices.

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Toolbox Talks

Download “Toolbox Talks” from the ASA Safety Task Group as a guide to help you kick off your all-staff meetings, or help you start discussions around creating a safer workplace. These pre-made meeting kits will enable you to highlight safety at your own organization.

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