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Career Resources

Welcome to the ASA Career Resource Center

ASA members have access to career resources such as a job board, industry career website, job description library, social media templates, and much more!

Career Resouce Center FAQs

How is ASA promoting the PHCP/PVF industry to job seekers?

ASA’s Project Talent is a strategic initiative to increase the visibility of our industry as a viable career option and provide recruitment tools and resources to ASA members. Through social media campaigns and email marketing, potential candidates are directed to supplyindustrycareers.com where they can learn about the industry, the kind of opportunities that exist, and link to websites of members who are hiring.

How can I indicate that my company is hiring on supplyindustrycareers.com?

Within your company’s profile in the ASA member portal, you can activate the “Has Available Jobs” button. By turning this on, all your company’s locations will be highlighted with a “Now Hiring” icon for job seekers visiting supplyindustrycareers.com where they can link directly to your company’s website.

How can I best position my company to attract potential employees on my website?

Through ASA’s Project Talent, a checklist of best practices for careers website has been developed and can be accessed here.

How do I set set up a Recruiter Toolbox account?

To request an account on the Recruiter Toolbox, visit asa.canto.com and click on "Access Request". 

Is there a charge for using the Recruiter Toolbox?

No, the Recruiter toolbox is free for ASA members, though recruitment or marketing support outside of the scope of Project Talent may incur additional fees.

What types of resources can I find in the Recruiter Toolbox?

Here is what’s included in the Recruiter Toolbox:

  • Stock photo library with more than 2500 photos
  • Collateral material templates
  • Internship support brochure
  • PowerPoint templates
  • Sample job description templates
  • We’re in the Growth Business logos
  • We’re in the Growth Business branded material
  • Social media content

Who do I contact if I have questions or want to discuss additional recruitment needs?

You can contact ASA’s Director of Recruitment Marketing, Steve Edwards at sedwards@asa.net or 630-467-0000 Ext. 1220.

Recruiter Toolbox

Members get access to a library of stock photos, job description templates, social media content & more!

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