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Employee Development

Employee Development Resources

Employees are the most valuable asset of any organization. ASA University has gathered up some of the best tools in the business to help manage your employee training program. Browse resources below and learn more about creating an effective and impactful training program for your business.

ASA-U’s “How to Develop an Effective Training Program” Handbook

Authored by industry experts, this essential handbook covers the major tenets of building your own effective training program - all framed within the realities of our industry and its unique challenges.

This handbook draws on the knowledge, best practices, practical lessons, and experience of your peers through storytelling and real-life experiences. Read how industry peers address challenges, overcome hurdles, and celebrate success in their own training initiatives.

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Employee Job Descriptions

Clearing communicating expectations ensures that employees understand responsibilities and required actions. Standardize your job descriptions to identify and hire qualified candidates. 

ASA University has developed competency-based job descriptions for all major roles in the wholesale-distribution business. Click below to download any of these FREE resources for members.

Feel free to customize, modify, or borrow from any of these job descriptions for your own needs!

On-the-Job Assessments

Take on-the-job skills further by using ASA University’s assessments to gauge employee performance and mastery of the skills essential to their roles. Each on-the-job assessment is mapped to a specific role and its key skills, and helps evaluate the observable behaviors that employees should engage with during their day to day activities for that role.

Feel free to customize, modify, or borrow from any of our assessments for your own needs!