Manufacturer Training

Manufacturer Training

ASA University is the SMART and EASY WAY to Increase Sales

Your distributors sell products they know and trust, so now is the time to give them the training they need to succeed. ASA-U Online provides the opportunity for learners to expand beyond general product knowledge to the features and benefits of the specific products being sold – your products, all in one location.

Offer Your Manufacturer-Specific Training in ASA-U Online and Achieve These Benefits:

  • High quality training delivered on demand through an industry trusted source
  • Efficient and cost effective way to deliver training to a large distributor audience
  • Gain a competitive advantage over your competition
  • Reports that track all individual learning
  • See who’s taken your course to create follow-up sales
  • Additional marketing opportunities through ASA-U

Are You Ready to Get Started? Help For All Stages of The Process

We’re making it easier than ever to share your training online with ASA’s member distributors through a partnership with our Learning Management System provider, BlueVolt. Together, we can help connect your training to the distributors, no matter what stage of the development process you may be in.

Participating Manufacturers


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