Emerging Leaders Spring Forum Schedule

Daily Schedule

Sunday, May 20

Early arrivals and optional recreational activities on Sunday afternoon; hotel check-in is at 3:00 pm

Monday, May 21

8:30 am

Officers’ Council Meeting
Invitation Only

11:30 am

First-Time Attendee Lunch
First-Time Attendees Only

1:00 pm

The Practical and Sustainable Way to Build a High Performance Culture
David Friedman, High Performing Culture

World-class organizations have long recognized the powerful influence their cultures have on the performance of their people, and by extension, the performance of their companies. Not surprisingly, while most organizations allow their cultures to evolve naturally, top-performing ones don’t leave this to chance. Instead, they’re amazingly intentional about how they create and drive the culture they want to have. How they do it is the topic of this program.

  • The difference between a “good culture” and a “high-performance culture”
  • How to “institutionalize” your culture and make it more than just a sign on the wall
  • Why values are less important than behaviors
  • How to integrate cultures through acquisitions
  • The role of ritual in sustaining a focus on culture over the long run

4:30 pm

Hotel Check-In

6:00 pm

Welcome Reception & Dinner
Hosted by LIXIL Water Technology
Speaker is Steve Delarge, President & CEO

Tuesday, May 22

7:30 am

Networking Breakfast

9:00 am

Emerging Leaders Roundtable
Maintaining a competitive advantage that helps to ensure successful growth requires companies & individuals to use best practices. These informative roundtable discussions are excellent opportunities for all attendees to learn from one another about direct and efficient practices focused on sales, marketing, purchasing and vendor relations. Registered attendees will be surveyed prior to the event to compile specific topics of interest in each area

11:30 am

Networking Lunch
ASA President, Brian Tuohey

1:00 pm

Facility Tour at LIXIL Water Technology
Round-Trip Motor Coach Transportation Provided

5:30 pm

Early Departures

6:30 pm

Night Out Closing Event

Wednesday, May 23

Morning Departures
Hotel check-out is at Noon

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