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While benchmarks measure where the industry and your company have been, forecasts provide predictive models necessary to determine where the industry is going.  The ASA Advisor© offers members guidance when developing longer term strategies that endure success.

ASA Advisor©

ASA's economic forecast is designed specifically for the PHCP and PVF industry.  The ASA Advisor© provides macro-economic analysis of the  industry at a national and regional level as well as reports on how the U.S. economy may impact the different industry segments served by ASA members.

Each month, ASA members receive an updated, rolling 36-month forecast, which is complemented by a semi-annual webinar and an annual presentation at the association's annual Network event, that will enhance their confidence and help them to reduce risk and increase profit from today's economic trends.

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About ITR EconomicsTM

ITR Economics has mastered long‐term economic trend forecasting, with an astounding 94.7% accuracy rate four quarters out over the course of six and a half decades, utilizing proven expertise to provide business leaders with an accurate forecast of how their companies will perform under coming economic conditions.

ITR Economics generates its forecasts based on analysis of current trend probabilities, leading indicator input, news/market observations and their likely impact on trends as well as its own unique business cycle theories.  The mission of ITR Economics is to maintain a minimum 94% forecast accuracy looking twelve months into the future.

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