Executive & Employee Compensation Report

Scott Robertson, 2018 ASA Chairman of the Board

How does your company's compensation and benefits package compare to other wholesaler-distributors?

Whether making comparisons between your company's practices and others in the same industry or market or another territory in which you seek to expand, this biennial survey and report represents the most recent and detailed look at compensation and benefits for wholesaler-distributors throughout the U.S.


This report offers the most detailed look at compensation and benefits programs relative to a wide range of industrial distributors operating in segments, regions and markets throughout the U.S.  Nearly 1,000 distributors, including PHCP-PVF, representing more than two dozen distribution trade associations are anticipated to contribute data for this comprehensive study.

Why is this Important?

Hiring and retaining the best employees is essential to your success and profitability.  Consequently, companies must consider both wage scales and benefits packages when evaluating compensation practices, especially when the labor market is tight. 

What's my ROI?

Only ASA's wholesaler-distributor members are eligible to participate in this study, which is included as a benefit of membership - there is no additional fee to participate.  In exchange for having submitted data, wholesaler-distributor members will receive the following:

  • Industry-Specific Report:  includes an Executive Summary and data aggregations for industry segments, revenue sizes, geographic regions, etc., specific to the PHCP-PVF industry as well as for several cross-industry demographics.
  • Excel Data Tables:  cross-industry data aggregates will provide a level of detail to take full advantage of the demographic information collected from nearly 1,000 wholesalers representing more than 6,000 locations across the U.S.
  • Company-Specific Report:  a confidential, individualized report that provides a useful managerial tool for identifying compensation levels that may be too high or too low as well as the strength of your benefits package.
  • Online Searchable Results Application:  filter the complete data set by various combinations of selections well beyond the level of detail possible in the industry-specific report, and compare your own data to the aggregates and demographics that you self-select on-demand.
  • Confidentiality:  all respondent data is maintained strictly confidential by Industry Insights, Inc., an independent and third-party research and management consulting firm headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, with which ASA has partnered for more than 35 years to produce the annual Operating Performance Report (OPR) and Monthly Pulse Report.

Order Your Copy

This report is complementary for ASA members who participated. For ASA members who chose not to participate, the price is $399 and non-ASA members may order a copy of the 2018 Executive & Employee Compensation Report for $799.  Download an order form, or contact ASA at (630) 467-0000 or info@asa.net to order your copy. The 2018 Executive & Employee Compensation Report is not eligible for the Neupert Endowment Donor discount.

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