Executive & Employee Compensation Report

Scott Robertson, 2018 ASA Chairman of the Board

How does your company's compensation and benefits package compare to other wholesaler-distributors?

The industry's latest comprehensive Executive & Employee Compensation Report is the first since 2014 with updated data available for the PHCP and industrial PVF wholesale-distribution channel.


This report analyzes 2015 compensation data reported by nearly 1,000 different wholesale-distribution firms from across the United States with a combined total of more than 6,000 locations, including many from throughout the PHCP-PVF supply chain.  ASA and some of its independent regional affiliates co-sponsored this study along with 28 other industrial distribution organizations.

Why is this Important?
Hiring and retaining the best employees is essential to the profitability of a business.  Therefore, a company must consider both wage scales AND benefits packages when evaluating its compensation practices. 

This report is the first update since the end of the 'great recession' to provide comparative compensation data for the PHCP and industrial PVF wholesale-distribution channel.  Given the roll-out of changes to health care insurance stemming from the Affordable Care Act, this information is but one reason why the report will be extremely relevant.

What's My ROI?
Volume 1 (PDF format) of the Compensation Report (2016) provides a detailed look at compensation and benefits programs for PHCP and industrial PVF wholesaler-distributors across the United States.

With Volume 2 (XLS format), ASA members can review cross-channel data for nearly 1,000 wholesaler-distributors representing 28 different channels of distribution across many different sales volume categories as well as different geographic areas and metro markets.

When you consider that your company competes for the best employees with ALL of the wholesaler-distributors, including PHCP and PVF, in a given market area, the value of ASA's Compensation Report becomes very clear.

Wholesaler-distributors will be able to compare executive and employee compensation for:
  • Salaries
  • Bonuses
  • Commissions
  • Health Insurance
  • Retirement Programs
  • Time Off from Work
  • Automobile Reimbursement
  • Wireless Phone/Data Arrangements
  • PHCP-PVF Management Trainees

Click here to review a sample copy of the 2016 report (Volume 1).

Order Your Copy
Only ASA members are eligible to receive a copy of the 2016 Executive & Employee Compensation Report.  Click here for an order form, or contact ASA at (630) 467-0000 or info@asa.net to order your copy.  The fee is $399.  The 2016 Executive & Employee Compensation Report is not eligible for the Neupert Endowment Donor discount.

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