Colorado Anti-Shale Energy Forces Stand Down (for now)

Colorado Anti-Shale Energy Forces Stand Down (for now)



Toby Mack
President & CEO

Energy Equipment & Infrastructure Alliance, Inc.

Colorado Anti-Shale Energy Forces Stand Down (for now)

Washington, D.C. - August 8, 2014 - We are pleased to report that on Monday the opponents of oil and gas development in Colorado agreed to take down their fall election ballot initiatives that would have amended the Colorado constitution to severely restrict or prevent oil and gas operations in Colorado.

Your support of EEIA’s work in Colorado was an essential component of this equation and helped produced the outcome. Thanks to you, the immediate fight subsides, and at least for now Colorado energy production and its supply chain members’ markets will continue to develop in a strong positive direction.

The messaging stated that the compromise was reached in the interest of a measured and collaborative approach, through a new blue-ribbon commission, to ensure oil and gas development can continue while respecting all parties interests, a position we support. In fact, they agreed to stand down because the strong and growing forces (including EEIA and our members) in the pro-energy community had turned the heat up so high that some feared the ballot fight would take down the candidacies of Governor Hickenlooper and Senator Udall. At the last moment, Rep. Polis acceded to the pressure and agreed to pull his support from the anti-energy initiatives, thus ending the immediate fight.

We will stay plugged into the Colorado commission’s processes and work to ensure that any new state regulations do not unduly encumber energy development in Colorado or set an adverse precedent for energy development throughout the country.

Here is the bottom line
. Whatever may or may not come from the commission’s efforts, we expect that anti-energy forces (many of which were unhappy with the compromise), will return in force in the 2016 elections, with potentially more advantageous (to them) voter turnout demographics and no key statewide offices at risk. We think there is a strong likelihood that they will reprise the ballot fight to ban energy development in Colorado through a constitutional amendment. Thus we will keep our Colorado coalition together and “on standby” to re-engage the energy supply chain’s forces and voices as needed.

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