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I was looking for an experience to share and get feedback from Peers across the US.  Being able to work out issues with peers who have different experiences and varied structures to their business models.  This allowed a more creative problem solving approach where I was allowed to brig solutions to my own company that were out of he box.
Eric Kober  |  Pacific Plumbing Supply
This program helps connect with peers and learn best practices from others in my position. I liked the group size; it was small enough that everyone participated. Keep them going!
David Shepard  |  The Collins Companies 
I'm new to HR and wanted to connect to existing professionals. I enjoyed the conversations and problem solving collaboration of the group and the ability to voice my opinion and share ideas.
Miya La Grange  |  Equipment Controls
I enjoy working with and sharing information with peers.  I rarely walk away from an encounter without learning something of value for Torrco.  It is a very small time commitment and well worth it. I liked sharing thoughts and ideas and seeing what others are doing around like topics.
David Petitti  |  Torrco 
It’s been a great experience connecting with fellow ASA members.  Our monthly Marketing meetings provide an open atmosphere where we can learn from one another and share some of our best practices which we all benefit from.  I truly appreciate what ASA is doing to help all of us grow our businesses.
Nikki Nixon  |  Hirsch Pipe and Supply  

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Connecting the industry’s leading distributors and their key employees to share best practices and solutions to problems with their peers on a regular basis is a powerful formula for success.

Based on a proven facilitation concept, ASA CONNECT offers a solution that provides professionals in vital job functions an ability to meet online in monthly peer-to-peer facilitated sessions to discuss common challenges, gain insight and practical solutions, and learn from peers on critical topics.



  • Accounts Receivable Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Showroom Sales Managers*
  • Finance Managers
  • Outside Sales Managers*
  • Technology Managers
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Purchasing Managers*
  • Training Managers
  • Marketing Professionals*
*Distributors Only    


If you have not already created a MyASA account you will be prompted to create one prior to registering. Once your account has been processed by ASA you will receive a notification that you can register for CONNECT. 



  • Each participant will receive an All-Access Community Pass to the selected CONNECT group for $600 annually.
Each ASA CONNECT community is limited to 18 non-competing participants and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. As each community fills, ASA will open registration for the next community in that job function.


Bader Headshot 2014 JASON BADER
Jason is the managing partner of The Distribution Team, specializing in strategic business coaching, inventory management training, and technology utilization for the wholesale distribution industry. Jason brings over 20 years of experience working in the distribution field. He has overseen various operational teams, managed small and large facilities, and served in an executive management capacity for the last 10 years of his distribution career.
New Marshall Jones Headshot MARSHALL JONES
Marshall Jones is a Senior Advisor at The Distribution Team, specializing in strategic business coaching, inventory management training, and technology utilization for the wholesale distribution industry. With over 35 years of working, studying, and leading in the distribution field, Marshall has performed and managed roles such as outside sales, branch operations, purchasing, recruiting, and senior leadership. He bought, built, and successfully sold a regional construction products distributorship.
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