New Employee Orientation

Why You Need an Employee Orientation Program

Walking into a new job is an exciting time for a new employee. The employee brings an enthusiasm and desire to do a good job. At the same time, beginning a new job can also be lonely and confusing. A new employee does not know what to expect of the new organization and is often unsure of what the future will bring. In order to tap into the enthusiasm and alleviate uneasiness, employers need to point new employees toward success and provide guidance by instilling confidence, stimulating interest in the company and helping a new worker feel like he or she belongs.

New employee orientation programs will:

  • Welcome the employee
  • Provide important information regarding the organization, expectations and work
  • Instill a positive attitude and acclimate the employee to the organizational culture
  • Shorten the learning curve that exists even for employees with previous work experience and that will enable them to reach expected productivity levels sooner
  • Reduce anxiety by providing more information about the company, culture and work groups
  • Help new employees realize the importance of their role in the organization
  • Enable the new employee to cope with new situations and individuals
  • Educate the new employee on your product and industry
  • Encourage open communication between the employee and the employer
  • Promote loyalty and encourage the new employee to identify with the company’s mission, goals and culture

Other Benefits of the Employee Orientation Program

  • Creating favorable perceptions
  • Increasing productivity
  • Reducing absenteeism and turnover
  • Improving morale and reducing necessary disciplinary actions

Key Areas of Focus


Program Materials

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