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OSHA: Fire Safety & Prevention

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Course Description: Learn how to prevent potentially serious fire-related injuries in the workplace with this OSHA training course covering fire safety practices every employee should know. We’ll cover common fire hazards, including smoking, appliances, and arson. We will also detail your employer’s responsibility to provide adequate fire safety training, equipment, and planning measures. You’ll learn about fire emergency systems, fire extinguishers, fixed fire extinguishing systems, emergency action plans, and fire prevention plans. The 45-minute course includes engaging instructive videos, interactive exercises, inline quizzes, flash cards, fun activities, glossary terms, downloadable reference documents, and a final exam. For more on OSHA’s General Industry Training Requirements, pair this course with other selections from our extensive OSHA General Industry series.

Runtime: 0.75 Hours

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Prevent fire-related injuries by assessing for common workplace fire hazards
  • Identify your employer’s responsibilities to provide adequate fire safety measures
  • Prepare to locate and use fire extinguishers under appropriate circumstances
  • Implement evacuation procedures to exit safely if a fire occurs

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  • Windows 7+:Firefox 11+ / Chrome 18+ / Microsoft Edge (not Internet Explorer)
  • Mac OS X+:Safari 5+ / Firefox 11+ / Chrome 18+

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