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ASAU Resources is a Member's Only Page that provides the tools that are needed to help support our members in their continued growth and success within the industry.

Job Descriptions Performance Evaluations Starting a Training Program Why Recruitment and Retention Matter New Employee Orientation Program


Employee Incentives for Completing Training Courses

  • Best Practices on organizations that provide incentives for their employees to successfully complete Training courses.

Disaster Planning

  • Planning for a disaster will help your company reopen after a disaster and not become just a statistic.

Job Descriptions

  • Standardizing Your Job Descriptions Will Help You Identify and Hire Qualified Candidates

Learning Agreement

  • Agreements state specific goals towards an employee's training and employer's needs

Performance Evaluations

  • Conducting Performance Evaluations Will Allow You to Measure Employees’ Success at Meeting Your Corporate Goals

Starting a Training Program

  • Training is an Investment in your Company's Current and Future Success

Why Recruitment and Retention Matter

  • Attracting and Keeping Talented Employees is a Priority for Successful Companies

New Employee Orientation Program

  • An Effective Employee Orientation Program Will Increase Your New Hire Success

New Hire Onboarding and Orientation Roadmap

  • Ensure your New Employees Have an Effective and Positive Onboarding Experience

Mentoring Handbook

  • Walks through the Steps in Implementing a Mentoring Program at your Company


  • ASA-U's preferred provider of Pre-Employment and Employee Development Assessments
  • Members will receive a 10% discount off list prices if they mention they're an ASA member
  • Contact Joan Arkuszewski - (609) 524-1383 (Eastern Time)


  • BlueVolt'€™s LMS systems and services give organizations the tools they need to improve knowledge, so their teams perform more effectively and deliver results. 
  • ASA Members recieve a discount on BlueVolt services when they mention they're our members


ASA U Recorded Webinars

October 8, 2014 Doug Dillon: Using Job Descriptions and Assessments in Your Talent Plan

  • Are you Hiring the Right People?

November 5, 2014 Doug Dillon: Using Competencies and Behaviors in Your Talent Plan

  • Are you Measuring the Right Things?

December 3, 2014 Doug Dillon: Using Performance Management in Your Talent Plan

  • Are you Aligning Talent to Strategic Goals?
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