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Lockout-Tagout Control Procedures

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This course provides information regarding the control of hazardous energy and work under the protection of a lockout/tagout permit. The intent of the course is to provide basic information on lockout/tagout practices and the significance of lockout/tagout devices that help identify and control hazardous energy sources.

After successfully completion this course, you will be able to:

  • Define lockout/tagout terms
  • Identify the purpose and use of the lockout/tagout program
  • Identify the general requirements of lockout/tagout
  • Identify the limitations of tags used in the lockout/tagout program
  • Identify the hazards and consequences of operating machines or equipment that have been locked out or tagged out
 Note: This 45 minute course does NOT contain audio. You must read the text. Please be patient while the course loads.

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