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Considerations for the Establishment of Corporate Core Competencies

Many organizations today have established a set of guiding principles called “Core Competencies” that help
place focus on some of the most important priorities. Some call them Core Competencies, others call them
“Values” and still others have derivations of those two. For the purposes of discussion, we’ll refer to the
concepts as Core Competencies in this narrative.

Core Competencies have a similar function to a Mission Statement. They set the tone and communicate to
employees, customers, vendors, and communities a set of behavioral expectations. The difference between
the two is that employees can be evaluated on their performance against the Core Competencies whereas
that is not typically done with a Mission Statement.

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Considerations for the Rollout plan of Your New Learning Initiatives

Here are the Top 10 things to Consider when rolling out your new learning initiatives:

Call it what you want, but make it memorable in both word and look. Include it in internal correspondences.
2) Message from SENIOR LEADERSHIP.
3) Focus on MANAGERS first
4) Start a PILOT group of users
5) Deploy LEARNING KIOSKS in all branches
6) Create an email blast and posters to be displayed in common areas
7) Schedule User Webinars to demonstrate login, search, registrations, etc.
8) Integrate with Performance Management
9) After launch, show successes of early-adopters by communicating stories of
people who are seeing value:
10) Benchmark Externally

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Knowing Your Risks: The Starting Point For Business Protection And Business Continuity Planning

As a business owner, your job is to focus on how to expand your business and improve your profitability. It also is important to make time to examine your business’ risks and vulnerabilities. When you have changes in your internal and external environments, your business may be exposed to new risks, and your tolerance for previously identified risks may change. That is why you should make conducting an annual risk and vulnerability assessment a priority, as part of your overall business protection planning. This assessment is the process of identifying, quantifying and documenting the probability and overall potential severity of various types of threats or hazards (e.g., natural disasters or political events, human, technological or security factors, accidents or the loss of key staff) that could damage your facility and/or cause a disruption in your business. Click here to Read More. You can also go to Disaster Planning to find more information and resources.


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