ASA-U Advisory Service

ASA-U Advisory Service

ASA University staff is available to assist ASA members more closely with their training initiatives and programs. 

For more information on Advisory Service contact Doug Dillon by email or call 630-467-0000 ext. 111.


The Advisory Service is tailor-made and can be modified based on your company's specific needs. Below are three examples of ways the Advisory Service has been customized for member-companies. Check out ASA University Blueprint for Success to learn more about what Advisory Service offers.

Advisory Service Example #1

  • Deployed a new talent assessment tool to use in the interview process.
  • Managers learned how to interpret, coach and connect to training based on the results.
Estimated Hours: 13
Advisory Service Fee: $1,200
Travel Expense: 1 onsite visit from an ASA Advisory Staff Member
(costs do not include course or assessment fees)

Advisory Service Example #2

  • Facilitated a training session for managers on the use of On-the-Job Assessments and how to select appropriate training courses, based on assessment results.

Estimated Hours: 5
Advisory Service Fee: $400
Travel Expense: 1 onsite visit from an ASA Advisory Staff Member
(costs above do not include course fees)

Advisory Service Example #3

  • Created a unique employee on-boarding, retention and promotion program that included the creation of a “Learning Brand” and customized Job Descriptions, On-the-Job Assessments and Curricula Maps for each role within the member organization.
  • Designed a new employee on-boarding process, instituted a company-wide safety program and established employee career pathways.
  • Trained front-line managers and administrators on the implementation and maintenance of the program.

Estimated Hours: 65
Advisory Service Fee: $6,400
Travel Expense: 2 onsite visits from an ASA Advisory Staff Member
(costs above do not include course fees)

Flexible & All-Inclusive

We’ve structured ASA-U Advisory Service fees to be both flexible and all-inclusive to member needs since each member’s needs vary greatly.

For Distributors & Manufacturers

In addition to our distributor members, ASA University is helping Manufacturer members. That way both supply and distribution channels succeed.

Tailor-made to Keep Costs Down

Advisory Service is different from company to company. When it comes to training—members accomplish the things they want and avoid the things they don’t.

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