ASA ADVISE Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my company participate in ASA ADVISE?

We created ASA ADVISE to help our distributor members provide focused, relevant, and purposeful training to all employees in their company. Many ASA members tell us they don’t know where to start. Others share they’re assigning a few courses to new hires, but it’s simply not enough. If this is you, consider ASA ADVISE.

What am I getting?

ASA ADVISE provides a solution for your company to build and implement a comprehensive training plan with the customization your company requires.

My company is already training employees. Is this right for us?

Yes! Most companies do some amount of training, but without an overall structure and plan. ASA ADVISE allows you to integrate what is already working in your organization and expand on it. Don’t do “training” just for “training’s” sake. Do it with a purpose for onboarding, and upskilling, and developing people, and company succession planning!

My company already has an LMS (Learning Management System). Is this right for us?

Yes! No matter how you’re tracking or distributing your training, a plan is critical. The ASA ADVISE solution is flexible enough to incorporate different content and delivery methods.

Can I include non-ASA training content in my company’s plan?

Yes! You will be creating a single plan for all the learning to be done in your company, no matter where it comes from. You can include courses from any source or even stretch assignments and special projects that are popular using the 70/20/10 methodology of learning.

What is the time commitment?

Depending on what your organization wants to include in its plan, it is estimated that the prework (Phase 1) will take 1 – 3 hours. The in-person session (Phase 2) takes place over two days. The implementation period (Phase 3) is the most varied as it is highly dependent on how much content the organization has, how many different roles within the organization are in scope, and how much customization is required. An estimate is 10 – 12 hours, but could be more.

How does it work?

You will start with a pre-work worksheet during Phase 1 that will help frame the right questions and scope for your program. Next, during the in-person session (Phase 2), you will get a custom-designed implementation tool and advice on how to start making the decisions needed for successful implementation. Finally, in Phase 3, you will get phone support through quarterly group webinars and a one-on-one call with the ASA Advisor as you implement your solution back home.

Who from my company should come to Phase 2?

You should select an internal training champion for the project to attend Phase 2. This can be a Training person, an HR person, or a Senior Leadership team member with the authority to implement the plan within the organization.

Could more than one person from my company come to Phase 2?

It is suggested that the Member Company selects one internal training champion to come to Phase 2. However, if it makes sense, you may have a second person attend. Your company will no doubt require several employees to assist in the implementation during Phase 3. No more than two people from one company will attend Phase 2.

Who else from my company participates in the overall process?

The Training initiative champion, who will spearhead the project and come to Phase 2, will need the help of key members of your leadership team back home. Department heads, branch managers, and others will help validate the skills and training components to include in the design.

What is the agenda for the in-person (Phase 2) session?

Participants will travel during the morning of Day 1, with the session starting at noon. A boxed lunch will be served. The afternoon will be spent understanding the Tool and doing some group work with peers who have a similar scope. We will end at 5:00pm and schedule dinner together at a local restaurant for more networking and best practice sharing.

Day 2 starts at 8:00am with a light breakfast, and more work on the Tool. You will start the implementation planning and create an action list of things to do back home in your organization. Finally, we’ll brainstorm challenges anticipated and work through how to resolve them. The morning ends at noon, and participants will travel home in the afternoon ready to deploy their plan.

How does registration work?

Download the registration form. Fill it out and make sure you select the session you want to attend. Email the form to Within a few days, you’ll get a WELCOME email from an ASA-U Advisor with the pre-work packet for you to get started on. Make sure you contact one of the hotels on the registration form to reserve a room!

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