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ASA's monthly Eye on Safety column in Supply House Times, the official publication of ASA, is prepared by subject matter experts and industry professionals who follow and promote smart practices that lead to a safer workplace.


Hazard Communication

Be Great In These 3 Areas!
Mike Place, Dakota Supply

How Does My Company Measure Up?

Accessing BLS Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses (SOII)
Jim Kendzel, ASA, and Ricky Bryant, NIBCO


Automated External Defibrillator

Why Early Response Is So Important
Jeff Duncan, American Pipe and Supply

Workplace Violence Awareness

Shawna Neilson, AIC, AIM, AIS, Gibson

Fall Protection

Thinking About What Happens Before It Happens
Greg Holbrock, WinSupply

OSHA 300 Logs Workplace Injury and Illness Reporting

Gregory Holbrock, WinSupply


Employee Well-Being: A Holistic Approach to Workplace Safety

Brittney Cornillaud, First Supply LLC.

ASA Submits Renewal Application as an OSHA Alliance Partner

Jim Kendzel, American Supply Association (ASA)

Driver Qualification—The First Step in Making Good Choices on Delivery Personnel

Michael Place, Dakota Supply Group

Fire Extinguisher Reviews

Gregory Holbrock, CFE, Winsupply Inc.

emergency action plans

robert kahmer, northeastern supply co.



Be prepared for OSHA's new reporting rules
Mary Prahler, First Supply


Are you prepared to administer First Aid?
Mike Place, Dakota Supply Group

Is your company prepared for Old Man Winter?
Melanie Felladore, TORRCO  

October is Sudden Cardiac Awareness Month
Mike Place, Dakota Supply Group

The importance of emergency eyewash stations
Ryan Pfund, Bradley Corporation

Does your warehouse have an insect problem?
Miles Dellger, First Supply

Take the danger out of high heat situations
Mary Prahler, First Supply

Forklift safety is critical in a warehouse setting
Peter Wright, Century Vallen/Texcan

ASA and OSHA team up to provide employer safety and health information
Bill Willson, OSHA

The value of accident investigations
Mary Prahler, First Supply

Protect Them: Are your warehouse workers operating in a safe environment?
Guy Mersereau, CenturyVallen

Nominate your company for ASA's Safety Award
Dan Hilton, American Supply Association


How to Properly Handle Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure
Mike Place, Dakota Supply Group

The Importance of OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (Part I) - Checklist for Compliance
Louisa Mayers, SDSpro

The Importance of OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (Part II) - Checklist for Compliance
Louisa Mayers, SDSpro

Steps Employers Can Take to Evaluate Risk and Prevent Workplace Violence
Michael Taylor & Nickole Winnett, Jackson Lewis LLP

Get Certified - The Benefits of OSHA's Voluntary Protection Programs
Bill D'Amico, Victaulic

ASA Safety Awards;  How Does Your Incident Rate Stack Up?

Dan Hilton, American Supply Association


Better Safe than Sorry - Working on Elevated Surfaces
Rudy Cuevas, Associated Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

Safe Delivery - Reduce Risk with Proper Cargo Securement
Mike Place, Dakota Supply  

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