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Registration is now open for ASA CONNECT Communities!

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FREE to all ASA members and employees. All participants must register.

Based on a proven facilitation concept, ASA CONNECT offers a solution that provides professionals in vital job functions an ability to meet online in quarterly peer-to-peer facilitated sessions to discuss common challenges, gain insight and practical solutions, and learn from peers on critical topics.



*Communities marked with an asterisk are for wholesaler-distributor members only.

Each community will meet once per quarter, cover issues of importance based on a premeeting survey, and be facilitated by CONNECT volunteers and staff.

AR & AP and Finance Managers Community

The AR Managers community is for those professionals who either oversee the credit and accounts receivable team for their organization or perform the functions in a smaller entity. This group will focus on the extension of trade credit, collection, communication, invoicing, and various organizational techniques. As with all communities, team leadership will be a natural topic of discussion.

Financial Management in wholesale distribution often brings a unique set of challenges as you’re expected to work in and across so many functions of the business. Whether directly responsible for AR, AP, Purchasing, IT, or working to support those areas, the financial team is critical to the effective management of the operation. The ASA Connect Finance Managers community is made up of CFO’s, Controllers, Accountants, VPs of Finance, and other roles responsible for overseeing financial aspects of the distributor. During our quarterly virtual meetings, we will address challenges members face and share our experiences to develop best in class responses.

Training Managers

ASA Members rely on their training managers to source and develop content, motivate their employees to learn and grow, and help leadership bridge the gap between where the company currently is and where leadership wants it to be. But where can these trainers go for help? Right here! This ASA Connect Community will be THE place for training managers to network with each other, share best practices, and learn from their peers.

Human Resources Managers

It all starts with our people. Today’s HR Manager plays a vital role in the health of their companies and issues related to safety, compliance, compensation, and recruiting make up only part of their ever-expanding job description. The ASA Connect Human Resource Managers Community uses a proven peer to peer networking model of facilitated experience sharing to address common challenges to develop best in class solutions. Join in quarterly with other HR professionals across the country to tackle some of your pressing issues.

Purchasing Managers

The Purchasing Manager community is designed to fit the needs of the professionals who either oversees a team of buyers or is the head purchaser for a smaller entity. Either way, the group will focus on purchasing techniques, methods, analysis, and software capabilities. As a word of caution, we must be careful to avoid any discussion pricing, special terms or anything that could be construed as collusion or anti-trust.

Marketing Professionals

The Marketing Professionals community is designed to fit the needs of those professionals charged with managing marketing activities in their organization. Some of these activities could include customer data analysis, CRM utilization, incentive and loyalty coordination, omni-channel advertising, and development, etc. Regardless of where your organization is in development of marketing programs, participants are encouraged to learn and share their experience for the benefit of all. 

Outside Sales Managers

As a Sales Manager for Field Sales Representatives, you’re always looking for an edge. This community is the place to find it. Team up with others across the country facing the same struggles you are to find best in class solutions for recruiting, developing, mentoring, and motivating your group. Each quarter we’ll tackle an issue important to the community. Examples could be designing the perfect compensation plan, deciding if call reports really work, building a pipeline of talent, and spanning generational differences. 

Operations Managers

The Operations Managers community is designed to fit the needs of those professionals charged with overseeing the operations of the entire organization. This person may oversee a distribution center, branch locations, or simply be responsible for operational fulfillment. Although similar, this position is generally more strategic than the branch manager’s responsibilities. 

Showroom Sales Managers

As a Showroom Manager, you’re always looking for an edge that will increase sales, create a site that is state of the art and best in class, and keep your team motivated to increase customer connections and satisfaction.  This community is the place to find it. Team up each quarter with other Showroom Managers from across the country facing the same struggles you are facing and share best practices that will tackle issues important to the community.