Performance Evaluations

How To Develop & Conduct Performance Evaluations

The fundamental tenet of performance evaluation systems is that people succeed best when they have concrete goals, ongoing feedback and clear links between individual performance and important organizational objectives.

All employees must have a clear understanding of what is expected of their work performance, how their work performance is measured, how well they are meeting performance expectations and how they can improve their work performance.

The performance evaluation system assists supervisors with their responsibility of helping employees perform their jobs effectively. It provides them with a structure for employees to receive feedback regarding their work performance.

The primary objectives of the performance evaluation system are to:

  • Inform employees of work performance expectations and how their work performance will be measured
  • Explain how job duties and job requirements are developed and evaluated
  • Provide feedback to employees on their work performance and develop appropriate goals for the future growth
  • Provide a uniform method for performance evaluation and a fair and objective basis for salary administration
  • Document human resource decisions, such as training, career pathing or organizational development



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