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Participating Member Manufacturers

Zoeller Pump Company

  • Air Lock Prevention
  • An Introduction to Z Control Cloud Technology
  • Basin Sizing: Size Your Pump First
  • Controls & Switches
  • Grinder Pump Run Time
  • Pressure Sewer Advantages
  • Pump Sizing 101 Part I
  • Pump Sizing 101 Part II
  • QLS Series Prepackaged Lift Stations
  • Scouring Velocity & Flow Rate
  • Sewage Ejectors Defined
  • Vortex Impeller Advantage
  • When to Choose Automatic vs Non-Automatic Pumps
  • Why Cast Iron is Preferred
Zoeller Pump Company

Watts Water Technologies

  • 919 Series Backflow Prevention Valve Maintenance
  • Ames 910GF Pressure Reducing Valve: Commissioning Instructions
  • ANKA Foot and Check Valves
  • ANKA Series Fittings
  • ANKA Washdown Nozzles and Trigger Guns
  • AquaLock Fittings - Burst
  • AquaLock Fittings - Making a Connection
  • AquaLock Fittings - Pull Test
  • Automatic Control Valves - The Basics
  • Backflow Prevention - Foundation
  • Big Bubba Housing and Cartridges
  • Big Bubba Installation and Maintenance
  • Big Bubba Sediment Filtration Fundamentals
  • Big Bubba Sediment Filtration Introduction
  • BigAl
  • BLUCHER - Food Safety and Sanitation
  • BLUCHER Channel Drain Installation
  • BLUCHER HygienicPro® Channel Drain
  • BLUCHER Push-Fit Pipe Sysem Overview
  • Check Valves - Module 1: Introduction
  • Check Valves - Module 2: Selection
  • Check Valves - Module 3: Options
  • Check Valves - Module 4: Chexter
  • Check Valves - Module 5: Example
  • Closet Carriers
  • Combination Roof Drains
  • Dead Level Trench Drain
  • Dormont Blue Hose Features and Benefits
  • Dormont Blue Hose Installation
  • Dormont FloPro
  • Dormont SmartSense Excess Flow Valve & Thermal Shutoff
  • F Series Roof Drain Overview
  • FEBCO MasterSeries LF850 Maintenance and Repair
  • FEBCO MasterSeries LF856 Maintenance and Repair
  • FEBCO MasterSeries LF866 Maintenance and Repair
  • FEBCO MasterSeries LF870V Maintenance and Repair
  • FEBCO MasterSeries LF880V Maintenance and Repair
  • FEBCO MasterSeries LF886V Maintenance and Repair
  • FEBCO MasterSeries Relief Valve Maintenance and Reapir
  • Floor Drain Selection
  • Green Roof Drains
  • HF Scientific MTOL+ Turbidimeter
  • Hot Water Recirculating System
  • Industry Standard Closet Carrier - Overview
  • Installing ANKA Polypipe Fittings
  • Installing APEX XtraFlo and Xcess Valves
  • Interceptors
  • Introduction to BLUCHER
  • Lavatory and Fixture Carriers
  • LavEx
  • LavEx Installation
  • LF009 Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly Installation
  • LF009 Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly: Troubleshooting
  • OneFlow OFTWH-C Installation
  • OneFlow: Installation and Maintenance
  • OneFlow: Introduction to OneFlow and Scale
  • OneFlow: Markets, Applications, and Case Studies
  • OneFlow: Media and System Solutions
  • OneFlow: Research and Regulation
  • OneFlow+ Anti Scale System
  • Potable PEX Systems
  • Potable PEX Systems - Module 3: Fitting Systems
  • Potable PEX Systems - Module 4: CinchClamps and CrimpRings
  • Potable PEX Systems - Module 5: Quick Connect
  • Potable PEX Systems - Module 6: Distribution Systems
  • POWERS IntelliStation Digital Mixing System
  • Premier™ 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System Watts Water Technologies

Uponor, INC

  • How to Make a ProPEX® Connection
  • How to Place Uponor ProPEX® Multiport Tees in Residential Plumbing
  • The Uponor Pex-a Story
  • Uponor PEX Piping Basics
Uponor, INC



T & S Brass and Bronze Works

  • Family of Products
T & S Brass and Bronze Works