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About the Karl E. Neupert Endowment

We Need Your Support.


The ASA Education Foundation is also made possible by the Karl E. Neupert Endowment Fund, established by the late Karl E. Neupert, whose vision established the fund and enables the ASA Education Foundation to continue to support training and education across the industry.

The Karl E. Neupert Endowment Fund directly finances the ASA Education Foundation, which in turn enables individuals to build skills and advance your company’s performance, productivity and profitability.

By reinvesting over $9.5 million into programs such as Project TALENT, the Master of Distribution Management (MDM) program, an extensive industry-specific learning library, a 24/7 online learning portal and a library of talent development tools, the Karl E. Neupert Endowment Fund supports training and education programming to prepare the next generation of leaders.

This fund is a permanently restricted fund, with a corpus secured in investments. Only the earnings generated by these investments are available for new program development. With your support in the form of donations to the Karl E. Neupert Endowment Fund, the ASA Education Foundation can invest in training program development and advance your company’s success.

Supporters are eligible to receive a discount on ASA University courses and will receive 10% off all future orders for six months after donation. Supporters may take advantage of this valuable discount when a signed pledge form is received.

Donate to the Karl E. Neupert Fund today and do your part in advancing education in our industry.

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