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ASA business valuation

ASA's Business Valuation Appraisal service is an accurate and objective method to determine the market value of a business.  For tax, sale and a host of other reasons, knowing a company's true worth is a must.

A business valuation appraisal can be determined by employing standard valuation methods, including balance sheet analysis, adjusted book value, liquidation value, capitalization of earnings, price-to-earnings ratio and discounted future earnings.

What's My ROI?

ASA's Business Valuation Appraisal service is a must for companies that want to save thousands of dollars when determining the value of a business.

Industry Insights, Inc. will provide you with the background questionnaire and request other information necessary to prepare a formal valuation appraisal for your business - complete with analysis schedules and graphs. In approximately three weeks following the receipt of your company's information, you'll receive the confidential, appraisal report, which includes:

  • A summary financial analysis
  • Value conclusions
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Appraisal methodology
  • An overall valuation summary


Review a sample appraisal report.

Order Your Appraisal

Download an order form or contact ASA at (630) 467-0000 or to arrange for an appraisal.  The fee is $1,200/$1,695 for members/non-members, respectively, and companies that participate in the annual Operating Performance Report (OPR) for the current calendar year will receive an $110 discount.  This service is not eligible for the Neupert Endowment Donor discount.


ASA's confidential Business Valuation Appraisal service is provided by professional staff employed directly by Industry Insights, Inc., a management and consulting firm.  ASA, its officers, directors and staff assume no liability for the accuracy or interpretation of the information provided by this service.  The information contained in the appraisal report is maintained strictly confidential between your company and Industry Insights, Inc.

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