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  • New Jersey S3995 Passes Both Houses - On June 24, 2021, both Houses of the NJ Assembly passed S2995. The bill requires Board of Public Utilities to establish and administer a fund to be known as the School and Small Business Energy Efficiency Stimulus Program Fund for the purpose of providing grants to boards of education and small businesses for the installation of certain HVAC systems and energy efficient and water-conserving appliances to improve air quality and energy efficiency in school districts. The bill provides specific requirements for water efficiency of certain plumbing fixtures and requirements for specific HVAC Systems. 75% of the funds will go to school districts and the remaining 25% to small businesses. To review the final bill click here.
  • ASA Opposes Rhode Island Bill S339 - On May 4, 2021 ASA submitted a letter in opposition to Rhode Island proposed legislation S339 - Appliance and Equipment Energy and Water Efficiency Standards Act of 2021. The bill, if adopted, sets new energy and water efficiency requirements for specific products including plumbing fixtures. The main reason for ASA's opposition is the bill's effective date being set as a "sell date" rather than a "manufacture date."
  • Massachusetts Enacts Roadmap for Climate Policy Law: on March 25, 2021 the Governer of Massachusetts signed a major bill into law providing a roadmap for the state to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and increased water efficiency. Specific plumbing fixtures will be prohibited for sale in the state after January 1, 2022 if they do not comply with the water efficiency standards in the law and there is a potential significant impact on the use of fossil fuels and fossil using appliances. READ MORE.

State Legislative and Regulatory Tracking

On behalf of its members, ASA continuously tracks sate legislative activity impacting our industry. To access the current legislation ASA is tracking click here. The key issues being tracked include:

Implementation Dates

The manner in which new requirements are implemented can have a significant cost impact on the wholesale/distribution industry. Legislation based on "sell dates" can cause a significant cost due to the inventory not being in compliance and having to be discarded based on an arbitrary date. ASA's position is that all new legislative requirements impacting the products we distribute needs to be a "manufacturer date" with allowance for the product already in the supply-chain to work its way through.

Decarbonization and Green House Gas Reduction Programs

ASA supports programs intended to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and allow for a smooth transition to cleaner energy; however, we do not support electric-only policies. ASA has developed a Position Statement on this issue and a one-page infographic.

Water and Energy Efficiency

ASA supports initiatives to provide the marketplace with products that are both energy and water efficient. We encourage the use of existing industry standards and Federal programs that provide efficiency requirements when developing state legislations related to water and energy efficiency.

Lead in Drinking Water

The PHCP and PVF industries have been at the forefront of initiating scientifically sound requirements for the products we provide to the market and minimizing lead levels in our drinking water systems. ASA supports state legislation that addresses the entire drinking water delivery system and contains sound sampling protocols consistent with the U.S. EPA Guidelines. ASA also supports the adoption of ANSI/NSF 61-2020, including the published January 1, 2024 implementation date for end-point devices to comply with lower lead level requirements.

State Activity - Grassroots Campaigns

ASA provides the PHCP and PVF industry members a platform that allows for easy access to their government representatives at both the state and Federal levels on important issues impacting our markets. To see what current grassroots campaigns are in process, please click here.