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Coalitions & Alliances

Save LIFO Coalition

LIFO, which stands for "last in, first out," is an inventory accounting method used by many companies across multiple industries in the U.S. to determine both book income and tax liability. Primarily, LIFO is used to manage the cost of inflation. If inventory costs are rising, LIFO is a more accurate way of measuring financial performance and calculating tax. LIFO takes into account greater costs of replacing inventory, thereby giving a more conservative measure of the financial condition of the business and the economic income to which tax shold apply.


America's Job Creators for a Strong Recovery (AJCSR)

A new coalition group of dozens of associations dedicated to the opposition of tax increases on American-owned businesses that have the potential to reduce jobs and hamper COVID-19 recovery efforts in industries hit hardest by the pandemic. The coalition is a broad collection of associations representing individual and family-owned businesses and corporations that oppose tax increases that would stall the economic reovery of American businesses rather than fuel it and counteract the economic benefits of smart infrastructure planning.


Coalition For A Democratic Workplace

The Coalition For A Democratic Workplace is a coalition of workers, employers, associations, and organizations who are fighting to protect the right to a federally supervised private ballot when workers are deciding whether or not to join a union. ASA is opposed to the so-called Employee Free Choice Act because it would strip Americans of that right and replace it with a system where your vote is no longer private and it is made public to your employer, the union organizers, and your co-workers.

This coalition believes the only way to guarantee worker protection from coercion and intimidation is through the continued use of a federally supervised private ballot election so that personal decisions about whether to join a union remain private.


High Performance Building Coalition

The High Performance Building Coalition supports legislation and policies that protect life and property, promote innovative building technologies, enhance U.S. economic competitiveness, increase energy and water efficiency in the built-environment, advance sustainable and resilient communities, and support the development of private sector standards, codes and guidelines that address these concerns.


Opportunity America Jobs and Careers Coalition

The Opportunity America Jobs and Careers Coalition is a Washington-based business coalition focused on career education and workforce development. Members include employers and employer associations from a broad range of industries experiencing skills mismatches and worker shortages – IT, manufacturing, construction and hospitality, among others. The Coalition works to shine new light on the need for workforce training, drive a skills agenda on Capitol Hill, highlight successful state initiatives, change national perceptions of technical careers and career training.


S-Corporation Association

The S-Corporation Association is the only organization in D.C. exclusively devoted to promoting and protecting the interests of America’s 4.5 million S Corporations. Since, the start in 1996, the S-CORP has scored numerous legislative victories as it acts as the voice for the S-CORP community. The mission is to protect America’s family and closely-held businesses from excessive taxes and government mandates, while working to ensure America’s most popular corporate structure remains competitive.


Family Business Coalition

The Family Business Coalition is a diverse collection of organizations and industry groups united for the common purpose of protecting America’s family businesses across the country. Our monthly coalition meetings connect top decision makers from Capitol Hill with family business coalition partners, family business owners, and state-based allies. Our group has the important task of monitoring and acting on legislation that affects family businesses in Congress. We are the voice of America’s main economic engine – family businesses – working together towards a better business climate that promotes private business expansion and job growth.