Building One Future

Building One Future

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A Bold, Strategic Plan To Address Three Critical Issues Facing ASA Members

Year-over-year, the American Supply Association increases its value to members by maintaining a long-term vision of success and allocating resources to move the association, and its members, toward an accomplished future.

In 2018, ASA assessed our position as an organization, including the current challenges facing our members and the resources our members would need in the future. Three critical issues were identified which pose a threat our industry over the next ten years. These include: Human Capital, Technology, and Member Spectrum. ASA has since created visionary solutions for each of those challenges. To provide clarity about, and a vision for, facing that future, ASA engaged three Issue Strategic Action Teams (ISATs) to consider solutions to those critical issues. The teams met throughout 2018 and early 2019 and deliberated on three key questions:

  • What would it take to recruit, over the next decade, 60,000 to 100,000 employees with the needed competencies to ensure leadership succession and a pipeline of qualified candidates to fill jobs, as anticipated workforce retirements threaten to gut the industry?
  • What can ASA do to spur growth-oriented members to transform their companies strategically and successfully, using technology?
  • What can ASA do to raise members’ awareness about their positioning for the future and what tools / resources can ASA provide that will yield a viable, relevant future for members?

The ISATs reported on their deliberations and proposals at the 2019 Winter Leadership Meeting held in Dana Point, CA. As a result, the ASA board and leadership approved 3 visionary solutions:

Project TALENT

Project TALENT will be a significant long-term solution, providing members with the talent capable of accelerating success. This two-phase solution entails:

  • A Fast Track phase where an industry narrative will be created within a detailed media campaign, a career portal will be built, and a career opportunity toolbox will be offered to members.
  • During phase two, the initial results will be analyzed, revised, and set up for industry-wide scale and impact.

Our board approved exploring the steps involved in launching a national campaign, and this information will assist us as image building and outreach efforts are created, tested and deployed.


D.NEXT will provide comprehensive resources, enabling ASA members to invest in technologies that deliver customer-valued solutions. Through this new program, members will develop the mindset, clarity and strategies to transform their businesses profitably. Central to the D.NEXT platform is the new ASA Innovation Lab that will open at Research Park in partnership with the University of Illinois.

The Innovation Lab will be a hub of industry, supplier, distributor and technology company alliances that fund prioritized digital innovations, available exclusively to ASA members. ASA members will have unprecedented access to technologists, data scientists, engineers and others focused on viable technology solutions for business. Additionally, ASA will collaborate with University of Illinois faculty and students to develop industry-leading digital capabilities that strengthen our members’ supply-chain positions. The D.NEXT platform of services will provide ASA members with needed resources to guide them along their technology transformation journeys.


VITALITY will enable all ASA members – from local businesses to national enterprises – to look critically at their businesses and to act strategically in today’s rapidly changing, competitive business environment.

VITALITY and the suite of tools that will be developed will support business leaders’ abilities to:

  • Assess the state of their businesses
  • Set meaningful goals and strategic plans for the future
  • Enhance their abilities to execute that plan to meet their goals through research-based tools and best-practice platforms for growth, profitability and long-term sustainability

You Are Essential To The Solution

These big, bold, long-term solutions to our industry’s three most critical issues require a financial commitment from ASA and our membership. Therefore, we are establishing a Future Fund to raise the needed resources that will solve the issues that challenge us.

We are asking for your support as a visionary member. When you partner with us in launching these solutions, we will be Building One Future together.

You can donate online or download the form. For more information, please contact Mike Adelizzi.

Support the Future Fund

Your donation supports the efforts to solve the issues that challenge us. You can donate online or download the form.

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