Congressional Visits

Congressional Visits Program

ASA Congressional Visit Program’s mission is to expose Representatives and Senators to the unique nature of the PHCP/PVF industry and the role ASA members play in delivering products and services. Educating our elected Federal officials on our $80 billion industry, the impact legislation and regulatory efforts have on our businesses and the jobs that we support is a vital function of ASA Advocacy. The ASA Congressional Visit Program puts a face on our industry and connects the laws that our elected leaders debate with their impact on the jobs and livelihood industry professionals. Each ASA member can play an important role in delivering this education and message.

Getting Started

Learn who represents you (look for the box in the top right and enter your zip code).

Contact the ASA Advocacy Team and let us know your plans! We can help facilitate everything from the scheduling to the talking points, we have you covered. View the full Congressional Visit Program.

Do you have a Customer Appreciation Day coming up?

Members of Congress use their recess time, also known as the District Work Period to conduct business with their constituents. Elected officials and their staff are always looking to meet with interested leaders in the business community and job creators such as you. Unless they hear from you, they may never know the good things you are doing or the challenges you continue to face.

Members of Congress love a big crowds, so this is a perfect opportunity to invite your member of Congress to see your facility and meet your employees, and even customers.

Preparing for the Visit

Obtain an issues update from ASA Advocacy. It is important to talk to the elected representatives visiting your company about the most pertinent issues being debated before Congress. You should also inform the elected representative of the issues that you are most concerned with before they arrive.

Share the issues and why they are important to your company with your employees beforehand. It will be very impressive if your employees are aware of the issues when they have a chance to speak with the elected representative.

Have several questions ready (relating to the key issues) available for your staff to ask.

Take pictures, you do not need a professional; a well-trained employee that is an amateur photographer will do just fine. Take pictures and share them with ASA, as well as with local press.

Have a well-lit and room for the elected representative to meet and address your employees.

Plan to have a welcoming committee. Designate several people to greet the elected representative when he or she arrives. If you have signs, it is encouraged to extend a welcome on company signs.


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“The annual ASA Fly-in meeting in Washington, DC gives a clear, honest perspective and appreciation for the inner workings of our government – and it’s not what you see on the nightly news.”
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