Program Overview

MDM Drives Success

With MDM, you don’t just learn to lead, you learn to do!

Most leadership programs begin and end in the classroom. MDM teaches candidates to get results. As you learn, grow, build and prepare-MDM helps you get results by planning and executing a real-life project endorsed by your company.

The Foundation

The Master in Distribution Management program was designed and built by leading experts and industry veterans. MDM delivers training that focuses on 8 key competencies most sought by employers:

  • Strategic Decision Making
  • Delegating Responsibility & Follow-Up
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Improving Communication
  • Building Trust and Gaining Commitment
  • Coaching and Developing Others
  • Managing Conflict
  • Technical and Professional Skills

MDM Helps to...

  • Strengthen and build your leadership bench
  • Build skills with blended learning and hands on project application
  • Engage candidates and their company mentor in a beneficial relationship
  • Increase confidence and morale
  • Create a positive impact on your staff and company
  • Shape a better professional future


You set the pace! Consistent dedication means you can realistically complete MDM in 12-24 months. However, all MDM Full Track candidates must complete the program within 3 years from enrollment, and Advanced Track candidates must complete the program within 18 months of enrollment.

The flexible approach to training gives candidates, employers and mentors the ability to work through the curriculum as work demands shift.

Overview of Costs

Receive excellent value for what other institutions charge for a single course. Your ROI is in having superior leaders who can make a difference in your company.

Phase 1: Required Courses/Reading

The eLearning component is packed with business, leadership and sales courses. Each course will be required and tracked online. You’ll round out your online courses with required reading with some of the top business books* on the market.

ASA Member - $849.00
Non-Member - $1,749.00
*books not included in cost

Phase 2: Required Workshop (UID)

Known worldwide for excellence in education, you’ll attend the University of Innovative Distribution (UID). Offered every March, you’ll network and receive a concentrated learning experience in just four days.

ASA Member - $1,095.00
Non-Member - $2,095.00
*Costs do not include travel and hotel expense-based on early bird prices

Phase 3: Elective Courses/Reading

Fully customize this phase with any program relevant books, courses and training to boost your career. Apply these skills today to improve customer retention, negotiations, sales, inventory control, financial metrics, and more. Company specific training counts for up to 75% of this phase.

ASA Member – Variable Cost
Non-Member – Variable Cost

Phase 4: Final Assessment and Proposal

Once Phases 1-3 are complete, you’ll register and take a Final Assessment. Achieve mastery by passing the test with 85% or better. After the assessment, you’ll present your Capstone Proposal to the Graduate Review Committee and receive feedback and tips from industry leaders.

ASA Member - $250.00
Non-Member - $500.00

Phase 5: Capstone Project

Within six months following the successful completion of Phase 4, you will be asked to present your Capstone Project. Your Capstone Project illustrates how you have successfully implemented a strategy or approach within your company.

ASA Member - $250.00
Non-Member - $500.00

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