Annual Member Lunch

InSinkErator & ASA Annual Meeting & Member Luncheon

Thursday, October 12, 12:00pm-1:30pm


Jon Acuff

Do Over: Investing In The 4 Things That Every Great Business Needs to Navigate Change

It’s time to amplify those and apply them in a new way.

Why? Because your business is going to experience four seasons of change:

  • You will hit a Ceiling and get stuck, requiring sharp skills to free yourself.
  • You will experience a Bump, unexpectedly running into a difficult market, requiring strong relationships to survive.
  • You will make a Jump, requiring solid character to push through the chaos launching something new always stirs up.
  • You will get a surprise Opportunity you didn’t see coming, requiring dedicated hustle to take advantage of it.

Change is coming for all of us. Get ready. Get working. Get stuck-proof!

Jon is a New York Times bestselling author, public speaker, blogger and father, featured regularly on CNN, Fox News and other national media outlets, as well as written for Time, the Harvard Business Review, Reader’s Digest and MSNBC.


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