Meeting Participation

Meeting Participation

Using appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to help reach a meeting’s goals while considering the needs and potential contributions of others. Understanding the reason for, and effectively participating in appropriate meetings.

Acting Effectively on a Team

Member Fee:$39.00
Non-Member Fee:$39.00
Specialty Price:$39.00

Effective Meetings

Member Fee:$10.00
Non-Member Fee:$10.00
Specialty Price:$10.00

Effective Presentation Skills

Member Fee:$39.95
Non-Member Fee:$39.95
Specialty Price:$39.95

Essentials of Profitable Wholesale Distribution©

Member Fee:$105.00
Non-Member Fee:$210.00
Specialty Price:$160.00

Leadership: Mentoring

Member Fee:$9.99
Non-Member Fee:$9.99
Specialty Price:$9.99

Leading a High Performance Team

Member Fee:$19.98
Non-Member Fee:$19.98
Specialty Price:$19.98

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