Program Overview


The Master's in Distribution Management is an 8 Point Program that focuses on
competencies most sought by employers:

-   Strategic Decisions Making
-   Delegating Responsibility and Follow-Up
-   Planning and Organizing
-   Improving Communication
- Building Trust and Gaining Commitment
- Coaching and Developing Others
- Managing Conflict
- Technical and Professional Skills

This program is 100% industry focused – designed and developed by leading experts
and industry veterans.

          - The Master's curriculum is a mix of core and elective courses presented in varied formats for
            the candidate s optimal retention.

          - After all core and elective hours are completed, Master's program students must complete a
            Final Assessment to qualify for the Capstone Project and earn their Master's honor.

          - The Final Assessment and Capstone Project will be a culmination of all the
            learning, training, and mentoring received during the Master's program.

          - Candidates must submit a case study that illustrates how they successfully implemented a
            strategy or approach within their company and which demonstrates their aptitude and
            understanding about how a Distribution Manager successfully performs on the job.

The 5 Phase MDM Program must begin  within 3 months of enrolling. All MDM candidates must completthe program within 3 years (or 39 months) from enrollment. The flexible approach to training gives candidates, employers and mentors the ability to work through the curriculum as work demands shift.

Receive excellent value for what some other institutions charge
for a single course. The MDM Master’s Certification Program is
a one of a kind offering. 100% industry focused; the curriculum
was designed by industry experts and veterans. Not only is the
fee structure reasonable, but the courses are tailored so you
receive the best the industry has to offer. 




Phase 1: Required Courses/Reading

The eLearning component is packed with business, leadership and sales courses. Each course will be required and tracked online. You’ll round out your online courses with required reading with some of the top business books on the market.

ASA Member - $1,401.03

Non-Member - $2,457.03

Phase 2: Required Workshop (UID)

Known worldwide for excellence in education, you’ll attend the University of Industrial Distribution (UID). Offered every March, you’ll take away a concentrated learning experience in just four days.

ASA Member - $995.00(cost doesn’t include UID travel and hotel expenses)
Non-Member - $2,095.00(cost doesn’t include UID travel and hotel expenses)

Phase 3: Elective Courses/Reading

Take your pick from the most practical sales and business books and apply these skills today to customer retention, negotiations, sales, inventory control, financial metrics, and more. The best part is this phase is completely customized by you.

ASA Member – Variable Cost

Non-Member – Variable Cost

Phase 4: Final Assessment

Once qualified, you’ll register and take a 100-question online Final Assessment. The test is primarily focused on the e-Learning requirements learned in Phase 1. Passing the test (85% or better) is a prerequisite for moving on to the Capstone Project.

ASA Member - $250.00

Non-Member - $500.00

Phase 5: Capstone Project

Within six months following the successful completion of the Final Assessment, you will be asked to present a Capstone Project. In the form of a case study, the Capstone Project illustrates how you have successfully implemented a strategy or approach within your company.

ASA Member - $250.00

Non-Member - $500.00


REQUIRED FORMS: (can find under Employers, Employees, and Mentors' Heading on MDM Homepage)
Registration (includes MDM FAST TRACK option)
Elective Courses
Final Assessment Registration

Mentor Evaluation Form
B.A.R. Template
Required Books

If you have any questions, Contact MDM Staff, we're happy to help!
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1200 N. Arlington Heights Road, #150
Itasca, IL 60143
P: 630.467.0000
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