Employee Development

Employee Development Resources

Employees are the most valuable asset of any organization. ASA University's Employee Development section provides information and valuable assets in four key areas.

New Employees: Roadmap for Success

Employee Orientation

An effective employee orientation program will increase your new hire success.

New Hire Onboarding

Ensure your new employees have an effective and positive onboarding experience.

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Existing Employees

Employee development and training is important to all employees, not just new hires. Download the Whitepaper.

Start a Training Program

Training is an investment in your company’s current and future success. Learn how to get started.

Incentivizing training can be an important part of a successful training program. Review some best practices and see how it may work for you.

Learning agreements state specific goals towards an employee's training and employer's needs and can make the difference is success.

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Employee Retention

Employees are the single most important contributor to a company’s success. Whatever the goals, corporate objectives or business strategy, attracting and keeping talented employees must be a perpetual priority.

Keeping Talented Employees is a Priority for Successful Companies.
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Job Descriptions

Clearing communicating expectations ensures that employees understand responsibilities and required actions.

Standardize your job descriptions to identify and hire qualified candidates. 

ASA University provides many samples for various roles withint the PHCP-PVF Industry.

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Conduct performance evaluations and measure employees’ success.” Conduct Performance Evaluations and Measure Employees’ Success at Meeting Your Corporate Goals. Get started with a Performance Evaluation plan.

Mentoring Handbook

Learn more about the steps required to implement a Mentoring Program at your company.
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