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Forklift / Powered Industrial Truck Safety

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Course Description: Powered industrial trucks can be gargantuan vehicles, and as such, extremely dangerous if misused, unmaintained, or operated poorly through ignorance or negligence. OSHA has a set of standards for training, assessing and operating industrial trucks including forklifts, tractors and other large, powered work vehicles. OSHA separates the different types of industrial trucks into 7 groups. 1-5 are fork lifts and other lift trucks. Their builds are similar in the fact that they have very heavy counterweights in place to allow them to lift even heavier objects without breaking, tipping over or being dragged. Class 1 is for electric forklifts; Class 2 is for narrow fork lifts (navigation between isles); Class 3 is for electrical hand trucks that operators walk behind. Classes 4 and 5 are propane, diesel and gas powered fork lifts. Class 6 is for tractor like trucks that push or pull things. Class 7 is for rough terrain industrial trucks. Most have booms that allow them to reach high. These classes all need specific OSHA approved training in order to operate, which improves safety for the drivers and coworkers.   

Runtime: 0.75 Hours

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • What is considered a powered industrial truck
  • How to correctly and safely operate a powered industrial truck
  • How to correctly operate a forklift
  • What different types of powered industrial trucks do
  • Why keeping proper maintenance of powered industrial trucks is extremely important
  • The training regulations for operating powered industrial trucks as mandated by OSHA

Online System Requirements:

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  • Windows 7+:Firefox 11+ / Chrome 18+ / Microsoft Edge (not Internet Explorer)
  • Mac OS X+:Safari 5+ / Firefox 11+ / Chrome 18+


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