Building One Future


Through ASA’s strategic governance process, three critical issues emerged that pose the greatest threat to our members and the industry over the next ten years: Human Capital, Technology, and Member Spectrum. ASA has worked to create visionary solutions for each of those challenges through the vision and guidance of three Issue Strategic Action Teams (ISATs) and our volunteer leadership who targeted the following challenges: 

  1. What would it take to recruit, over the next decade, 60,000 to 100,000 employees with the needed competencies to ensure leadership succession and a pipeline of qualified candidates to fill jobs, as anticipated workforce retirements threaten to gut the industry?
  2. What can ASA do to spur growth-oriented members to transform their companies strategically and successfully, using technology?
  3. What can ASA do to raise members’ awareness about their positioning for the future and what tools & resources can ASA provide that will yield a viable, relevant future for members?   

Look at what ASA is doing to help our members:





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