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3D Commercial Schematic Powerhouse - A La Carte Feedwater System

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In this 25-minute interactive lesson, you will learn that steam systems can be dangerous so safe operation of any steam boiler is vital. You’ll learn that the two primary causes of boiler failure—overpressurization and low water—can be prevented. You’ll also learn about the high quality, treated water (called feedwater) that is used to supply or “feed” a boiler to generate steam or hot water. Untreated water that contains impurities may lead to problems in boilers.

After you have successfully completed this lesson, you will be able to:
·         Discuss why regulation of boiler safety developed in the US.
·         Describe how overpressurization occurs and how it can be prevented.
·         List two reasons for a boiler’s low water condition and discuss how the condition can be prevented.
·         Explain the purpose of a water column in a boiler.
·         Explain briefly how the boiler feed system operates.

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