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3D Commercial Schematic Powerhouse - A La Carte Steam Traps

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This 30-minute interactive lesson focuses on how a commercial boiler or steam generator operates as part of a steam system. After you have successfully completed this lesson, you will be able to:

•             Describe water’s three states of matter and explain the term “phase change.”
•             Compare sensible heat with latent heat and discuss how they apply to the steam system.
•             Contrast saturated steam with superheated steam.
•             Discuss the effect that temperature and pressure have on water and the steam system.
•             Explain why the near piping system is important for the proper functioning of the steam system.
•             Compare the one-pipe system with the two-pipe system.
•             Discuss at least two advantages of the two-pipe system.
•             Explain the purpose of heat transfer devices and explain the operation of at least two types.


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