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3D Commercial Schematic Powerhouse - A La Carte Burners & Combustion

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In this 28-minute interactive lesson,you’ll learn about the equipment that puts the heat into the steam boiler to create steam, the burner. You’ll also learn about the basics of combustion and something about which safety devices are used to protect equipment and lives.

After you have successfully completed this lesson, you will be able to:

•             Explain the purpose of a burner and discuss its basic operation.
•             Discuss which components must be present in order for combustion to take place.
•             Explain what the term “Stoichiometric Combustion” means.
•             Trace the route of fuel through a burner.
•             Discuss the purpose of a boiler gas train and list several parts of the system.
•             Analyze the role of air in combustion.
•             Compare the two options for handling the varying load problem in a boiler.
•             List the advantages of using more than one boiler in a commercial application.
•             Analyze the value of a modulating burner.
•             Explain how a boiler economizer operates.

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