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3D Commercial Schematic Powerhouse - A La Carte Steam Boilers & Trim

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In this 25-minute interactive lesson, you’ll look at how a boiler works in the ASA Hospital. You’ll see how a powerhouse or power plant works in the hospital. A powerhouse is the complex (including machinery, associated equipment, and the structure housing it) that is used in the generation of power.

After you have successfully completed this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe how a boiler or steam generator is used to create steam in a commercial building.
  • Identify the two classifications of steam boilers and explain how they differ.
  • Name the three different types of boilers and discuss one advantage and one disadvantage of each type.
  • Discuss how the fire-tube boiler operates.
  • Discuss the operating and safety devices used on a steam boiler.
  • Explain how temperature and pressure are related and measured in a steam boiler.

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