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3D Commercial Schematic Powerhouse - A La Carte Steam System

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This 34-minute interactive lesson focuses on how a commercial boiler or steam generator operates as part of a steam system. You’ll learn that steam is normally generated in a boiler by transferring heat from hot combustion gases or other hot process streams to water. The water absorbs the heat, enabling the phase change necessary to produce steam. The steam is then transferred under pressure from the boiler to the distribution system.

After you have successfully completed this lesson, you will be able to:
•             Describe water’s three states of matter and explain the term “phase change.”
•             Compare sensible heat with latent heat and discuss how they apply to the steam system.
•             Contrast saturated steam with superheated steam.
•             Discuss the effect that temperature and pressure have on water and the steam system.
•             Explain why the near piping system is important for the proper functioning of the steam system.
•             Compare the one-pipe system with the two-pipe system.
•             Discuss at least two advantages of the two-pipe system.
•             Explain the purpose of heat transfer devices and explain the operation of at least two types.

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