ASA Member Unique Contributions

ASA members have done their part to contribute to Operation Rise and Conquer in various ways.  Some donate through fundraising efforts at different ASA events.  Some write a check to ORC.  But, what seems to stand out the most are those who come up with unique ideas to raise money for this wonderful program.  Using the community around them and their presence in the marketplace, here is what some of ASA's members have done.

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When Fluidmaster VP of Engineering, Adam Sampson volunteered to assist wounded active duty and veteran service men and women for a week in the Colorado Rockies as part of Operation Rise and Conquer (ORC), he may not have been quite ready for what he was about to experience. "These folks never missed a beat!” recalled Sampson. "Whether it was mountain biking, fishing, or white water rafting the ORC participants kept up the whole time in spite of any physical limitations." Now Fluidmaster, the worldwide leader in toilet trim and repair parts, has created a way for everyone to give back to these determined service men and women simply by repairing their toilet. Beginning in November of 2015, Fluidmaster is launching a special “Operation Rise & Conquer” version of their popular PRO56 solid frame adjustable flapper with a portion of the proceeds – with a minimum guaranteed commitment of $25,000 – going directly to assist the ORC program.  READ FULL ARTICLE


ASA Network2015 in Chicago

During a record turnout at Network2015, ASA members were able to break another record. This record was the amount of money raised for Operation: Rise & Conquer. Over the course of two days, members raised $35,000 which totaled $110,000 on the year. This put ASA over its 2015 goal of $100,000 and will allow 36 veterans to participate in the week-long adventure in Crested Butte, Colorado. Through the instruction and equipment of the Adaptive Sports Center, Operation: Rise & Conquer is designed to empower, support and inspire wounded soldiers and veterans to regain confidence and trust in themselves and others through summer and winter outdoor adventure activities. The hope is that more and more ASA members utilize their resources and put them towards this great program.

Bradley Corporation

Bradley has a long tradition of supporting America's active duty military and its veterans. Since 2007 Bradley has hired over 40 veterans and has raised thousands of dollars for supplies for active troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  As part of ASA's overall goal of raising $100,000 for Operation Rise and Conquer in 2015, Bradley has donated a portion of their summer sales to this campaign. The program was simple, Bradley will tracked sales to ASA members during June, July and August and donated .5% of every dollar to Operation Rise and Conquer.  Through this initiative, Bradley was able to raise $55,665 for ORC in just 3 months. "Bradley is proud to play a part in achieving ASA’s goal and appreciative of all of the ASA members who joined us in support of Operation Rise and Conquer,” said Christopher Mullett, Vice President of Sales, Bradley Plumbing Group. “We couldn’t have achieved our goal without their involvement.”  Bradley's Summer Sales Initiative

VAMAC, Inc. and Gerber-Danze

The plumbing industry’s support of Operation Rise & Conquer continued in great force on May 2 as VAMAC, Gerber and Danze teamed together for their first ride through historic Glen Allen, Virginia.  The ride raised $7,500, enough to sponsor three veterans through the Adaptive Sports Center program in Colorado.

The ride attracted participants to Winns Baptist Church in Glen Allen, each of whom rode 25 or 50 miles as individuals or 7 miles in the Family Fun Ride.  One of the day’s highlights came after the riders returned and were able to hear more from Sgt. Michael Frazier USMC (Ret).  Sgt. Frazier, a wounded veteran who participated in the ride as a hand cyclist, spoke about the benefits of the Adaptive Sports Center program and what it means to him and his fellow soldiers. READ FULL ARTICLE

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