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Every person in America has some sort of connection with a military veteran or an active duty serviceman or woman, whether it be a relative, co-worker, or friend.  Some of those who have served have come away with serious injuries while defending our country.  Operation Rise & Conquer gives those who have been injured, while fighting to defend our freedom, a chance to get back up and get over some of those physical and even mental hurdles that they have endured.  ORC gives these veterans an opportunity to go on a week-long adventure in beautiful Crested Butte, Colorado.  Working with the Adaptive Sports Center, participants have access to the finest equipment that allows even those with serious injuries to participate in outdoor activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, snow skiing, and much more.

Representing American based wholesalers and manufacturers, the American Supply Association, spearheaded by the Emerging Leaders Division, was able to raise $120,000 in 2015.

“During our visit, we were able to see the programs & facilities, qualified & friendly staff, and most importantly, the participating military.  Volunteering with the veterans and experiencing how this program positively affects their confidence and morale further backs up our support.” - Rogers Earl Jr., ASA YE Chairman, Valley Supply Co.

"Recognizing the tremendous sacrifices our veterans have made for our country, I’m delighted to serve as the Honorary Chairman of ASA’s Operation Rise & Conquer. I applaud the plumbing industry’s leadership in helping those who have done so much for America.” - General (ret.) Stanley McChrystal

"It was an honor to see, first-hand, what Adaptive does on a daily basis, not only for our veterans but for those with visual, cognitive and physical impairments. It is inspirational to see the impact that Adaptive has on participants both from the stand point of overcoming adversity and on ongoing mental attitude and quality of life. The caliber of their staff is a testament to their mission, everyone touched by the Adaptive Sports Center is lucky to be exposed to such people. There wasn't one person I came in contact with that didn't seem perfectly suited for Adaptive." - Chris Reynolds, ASA EL Officers Council, Plumbers & Factory Supplies

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For more information about ORC and how to get involved, please contact Ben Barclay, bbarclay@asa.net or (630) 467-0000 x204.

The Adaptive Sports Center is a not-for-profit 501c(3) organization. Tax ID # 84-1063447

ASA Emerging Leaders

In February 2016, ASA's Emerging Leaders went to Crested Butte, Colorado to visit and volunteer with Operation Rise & Conquer and the Adaptive Sports CenterOver the course of roughly 3 days of programming, the Emerging Leaders were able to assist a group of U.S. Air Force and Marine Corps. Veterans participated in snow-based activities including skiing, snowboarding, and a day of ice climbing.

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