MDM Fast Track


For enrollees who have a minimum of 4 years’ relevant work experience, the Fast Track allows candidates to apply relevant work experience and move directly into the series of 8 Leadership Courses. If at any time you have questions, we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact the MDM team or any of the ASA Education Foundation Staff for help and guidance.

Below is a description of the Fast Track process and steps you will follow in order to complete your Master’s in Distribution Management.

  • Once accepted into the Master of Distribution Management (MDM) Program you will be automatically enrolled in the required 8 Leadership Courses. 


  • Once you've completed the 8 Leadership Courses, you'll then need to register for the Final Assessment by completing the Final Assessment Registration Form
  • The Final Assessment is a 100 question online exam primarily focused on the key components of the e-Learning requirements.
  • Once you have registered for the Final Assessment, it will be available to you at any time and is expected to take approximately 60 minutes to complete. 
  • Passing the Final Assessment is a prerequisite to the Capstone Project presentation and you must have a passing score of 85%. 

  • Your final step takes place six months following the successful completion of the Final Assessment where candidates will be asked to present their Capstone Project.
  • You must submit a case study that illustrates how you successfully implemented a strategy or approach within your company which demonstrates your aptitude and understanding about how a Distribution Manager successfully performs on the job.
  • The presentation may be submitted in writing as a thesis, presented in person along with a written overview/outline, or a combination of both as directed by their internal management.
  • You should expect the presentation to be up to 90 minutes in length. 
  • All Candidates must appear before the Graduate Review Committee (GRC) to respond to questions whether presenting in person or in writing.


  • The GRC will validate the candidate’s knowledge, ability and professionalism, and ultimately present successful candidates with their MDCertification!
If you have any questions, Contact MDM Staff, we're happy to help!
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