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The ProductPro® product knowledge courses will make your employees smarter about the products they sell.  ProductPro®-trained employees will make fewer errors, reducing your operating expenses and shrinkage, and increasing customer satisfaction.  These highly effective courses will also help you get your new employees up to speed faster and build their confidence.

Most ProductPro® Book courses are available online or in book format. ProductPro® courses contain self-grading end-of-chapter quizzes, a glossary, and a final exam with a certificate of completion for those that pass the exam. The online versions of the courses additionally contain learning games, engaging activities, and audio narration. 

Residential Hydronic Heating Systems©

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Residential Hydronic Heating Systems© provides an overview of the operation and components of small hydronic heating systems. The course gives employees the basic knowledge needed to discuss the operation and components of these systems. Definitions of common industry terms, a description of the basic operations of small systems, and other information to help employees serve customers more effectively are provided. 

Employees who successfully complete this course will be able to: 

  • Correctly use basic terminology common in the hydronic heating industry.
  • Compare and contrast radiation, convection, and conduction.
  • Describe the basic operation of a residential/small commercial hydronic heating system.
  • Explain how various types of boilers are used to heat water.
  • Read manufacturers’ rating charts for components of residential hydronic heating systems.
  • Help customers choose the components needed for a residential hydronic heating system.

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