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Essentials, ASA University's flagship brand, is comprised of separate and distinct courses, each targeting specific areas of a typical wholesale distribution business. By focusing on the ultimate goal of improving profitability, these courses provide the critical message about the value of each member of the wholesale distributor's team.

Most Essentials courses are available online or in book format. The Essentials courses contain self-grading end-of-chapter quizzes, a glossary, and a final exam. In addition, the online versions of the courses contain learning games, engaging activities, and audio narration.

Essentials of Profitable Warehouse Operations©

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Course Description:  Essentials of Profitable Warehouse Operations© helps all employees learn about warehouse functions, safety, and issues that impact profitability in a modern wholesale distribution warehouse. Beginning with an explanation of how the wholesale-distribution business works, the course introduces key members of the warehouse team and explains how they contribute to the operation. An in-depth treatment of the orderly and safe flow of materials from receiving through stocking, picking, packaging, and delivery follows. The course wraps up with examples of how the warehouse employee can grow as a professional. 

Runtime:  3.0 Hours

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the three basic functions of a warehouse
  • Explain why teamwork is critical to the overall success of a wholesale distribution business
  • Explain why managing risk and reducing hazards in the warehouse is vital
  • Discuss the primary objective of a wholesaler-distributor’s building layout
  • Define the term “inventory” and explain its role in a profitable operation
  • Describe how orders are picked and packed
  • Explain how a well-designed loading dock makes shipping easier and safer 

Online System Requirements:
For the best experience, we recommend using Google Chrome. Adobe Flash recommended.

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