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Customer Service: The Path to Higher Profits Workbook

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Customer Service: The Path to Higher Profits© makes your wholesale distribution team smarter about internal and external customers.  This workbook, geared for employees in wholesale distribution, introduces the basic concepts of customer service and the connection between “superb service” and increased profit levels.  The workbook uses “bringing-it-in-house” exercises to encourage employees to make recommendations on how the principles and techniques they are learning can make immediate service improvements within their own company.

Employees who complete this workbook will be able to: 

  • Explain why it is customers, not the company, define service.
  • Discuss how specific groups such as contractors and MRO/OEM customers define what they value most from the wholesaler-distributor.
  • Describe several measures of service.
  • Connect service decisions to customer profitability.
  • Explain the connection between internal and external customers.
  • Demonstrate effective techniques for communicating positively with customers. 
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