We Set Some Ambitious Goals.

Now is a pivotal time in our industry with nearly 25% of employees retiring within the next 10 years. The new generation of workers will have different needs than the current workforce.

To prepare member-companies for the seismic shift in demographics, the Foundation plans to fortify resources and advance the industry through innovative strategies, including:

  • Using technology to deliver more training with less downtime
  • Engaging owners and principals to take advantage of services such as the ASA-U Advisory Service
  • Expanded course topics and training materials across the entire organization

Karl E. Neupert led the charge to create the original fund in response to the demands of a changing industry. Today, the impending retirement of up to 50% of the current workforce and the need to continuously improve by adopting technologies and strategies necessitates action.

Give to the Karl E. Neupert Endowment Fund and be recognized as helping to lead the industry in meeting the challenges ahead.

Enhanced Programs for 2016 & Beyond

touch_screen Technology-Driven Delivery

Training and education delivered in technologically advanced ways to on-board new and young employees.

umbrellaSuccession Planning

Create and deliver new services with resources to support, train and counsel the membership.

career_pathCareer Path Development

Updated and dynamic career pathways and training tracks.

24_hours Advisory Service

Expanded advisory collaboration for company wide training initiatives.

handshakeMiddle Management

Guidance High-level assistance for middle managers and supervisors for support in day to day activities.

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