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Quit Trying To 'Engage' Millennials

It’s all the rage right now in the media and in leadership forums and discussion groups to talk about how to ‘engage’ Millennials in the workforce, to ensure we’re able to capitalize on their strengths and abilities, while embracing their differences in worldview, approach, and values compared with other generations they work alongside of. 

 Complaining about Millennials is in vogue and business leaders are supposedly struggling to ‘engage’ Generation Y and make them productive. Corporate recruiters and business leaders claim that 20-somethings are unprepared and difficult to manage. Again and again, commentators say they’re just too narcissistic, solipsistic and entitled for the working world. 
If you want to manage and retain Gen “Me”, Gen “We” or whatever you feel like calling the generation entering the workforce, stop trying to engage them. 

 ‘Engage’ is a vague and loaded buzzword—is this Star Trek or a business? You can engage an opponent, engage an audience and get engaged, but how in the world do you measure your success at ‘engaging’ Millennials within a business?

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