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Aaron & Co.’s New Employee Training Program is a Huge Success

Aaron & Co.’s Lindsey Portnoy-Rodner, Marketing Manager, is a strong advocate for training and education within the industry. She is on the ASA Education Foundation Board of Trustees and is always looking for ways to help employees learn and grow for both her company and the Industry. Aaron & Co. has a year-long training program that allows selected new employees to gain knowledge about many facets within the organization. Those new employees selected for this program begin on the night crew loading trucks and work their way up through the organization’s job structure, getting a feel for what the different positions accomplish within the company. By the time they finish this initial program, they are actively selling products to customers at an Aaron counter. This process allows employees to really understand how the company functions and learn from their peers. Many current Aaron supervisors, managers and executive themselves started their careers ‘in the warehouse’. This program takes those individual candidates with obvious potential to move up into the organization and puts them on a formal tract.

As part of their year-long training, these program participants are enrolled in Aaron University. The curriculum of Aaron University is actually offered to ALL employees. The courses are all from ASA Education Foundation Training.  Arthur Franklin, Training Administrator explains, “Management at Aaron & Co. feels strongly that an educated employee is a more valuable employee. All employees are eligible to participate, from warehouse workers, to drivers, to employees with sales related responsibilities.” The program includes base pay increases for each of the four Units in the Curriculum and an additional base pay increase for an above average overall grade.  Employees have a timeframe in which they need to complete certain sections and tests to make sure employees are staying on track. Every student’s supervisor gets a written monthly progress report so they can monitor and encourage timely completion.

The training program has been a huge success for Aaron & Co. and they have every intention of continuing to grow and expand it to make it even better. Portnoy-Rodner says, “Training is a very important part of our philosophy here.  We strongly believe in continuing education, employee development, and leadership training.” 


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