Austin Deupree, Operations Manager at MKS Pipe and Valve, has been displaying his employees' Certificates of Completion on the wall. His employees' education and training are important to him and he would like to continue to display their achievements on a wall when MKS moves to a new location. Deupree plans on having a round table and chairs in front of this opening area and would like to have the display against his 8 foot wide inset concrete wall. He would appreciate suggestions on what he could do to improve his wall and make it into a feature wall. If you are currently doing something with your employees Certificates of Completion that is working for you or if you think of some great ideas that could work for Deupree, email us at and we will pass along your suggestions. We will also be compiling a list of your suggestions and questions and highlighting them on the blog, so if you have pictures please send those along with your suggestions! This is all about helping each other to innovate, improve, and succeed.

            Old Certificate Wall New Certificate Wall