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May 14: ASA COVID-19 Economic Impact Webinar, Part 5

In case you missed it, ASA Chief Economist Dr. Chris Kuehl conducted part 5 of his COVID-19 economic impact webinar series. Listen to the webinar here.

May 8: COVID-19 Survey Shows Mixed Results

ASA business intelligence partner, Industry Insights, recently released findings from its third COVID-19 survey, which includes responses from ASA member companies. The overall survey includes more than 900 respondents in 28 client sectors with questions ranging from staff reductions to supply chain disruptions to thoughts on corporate travel going forward. See the summary here.

May 7: ASA Town Hall Interview: The Manufacturing Story 

ASA’s Mike Miazga talks to ASA member manufacturers Bill Gray (President, Uponor North America), Bob Williams (President, McGuire Mfg. Co.) and Brian DiVincenzo (President, Wholesale/Commercial, Oatey Co.) about how their companies are navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen to their discussion.

May 7: ASA Safety Committee Webinar: COVID-19 and Safety Opening up Our Workplaces

In case you missed it, the ASA Safety Committee conducted a webinar: COVID-19 and Safety Opening up Our Workplaces. Listen to the webinar here.

May 4: ASA CEO Update

A brief update from ASA CEO, Mike Adelizzi can be found here.

April 30: ASA Distributor Town Hall Interview: A Conversation with Hajoca President and CEO Rick Fantham

ASA’s Mike Miazga talks with Hajoca President and CEO, and former ASA President Rick Fantham about a variety of COVID-19-related topics. Listen to their discussion.

April 30: Maximizing Forgiveness in the Payroll Protection Program

As a part of the federal response to the unprecedented economic disruptions caused by COVID-19, Congress approved and the Small Business Administration has launched The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program to help businesses continue to operate in a time of depressed economic activity. The program was so popular that it quickly exhausted its initial appropriation of $350 billion. Congress is working to authorize more spending on the program so more business can take advantage of the funding. Click here for a webinar and Q&A on this topic, hosted by Ed Orlet, NAED’s Sr. VP of Government Affairs and featuring Jen Vacha, CPA and David Killion, CPA, CEPA of Brown Smith Wallace.

April 30: ASA COVID-19 Economic Impact Webinar, Part 4

In case you missed it, ASA chief economist Dr. Chris Kuehl conducted part 4 of his COVID-19 economic impact webinar series. Listen to the webinar here.

April 30: OSHA, EEOC Release Updated - COVID-19 Workplace Practices

ASA human resources partner SESCO suggests employers start preparing now for variables related to reopening businesses coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. SESCO passes along updated guidance from both OSHA and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regarding COVID-19 and its effects on workplace practices.

April 29: ASA Safety Webinar Series - COVID-19 and Safety in the Workplace: Getting Back to Work 

When: Tuesday May 5, 2020

Time: 2 p.m. Eastern (1 p.m. Central) 

We all have heard the term “flattening the curve.” The intent of this is not any dramatic reduction in total illness associated with COVID-19, but controlling the rate of illness so hospitals are not overcrowded, and there are enough respirators.

When buildings are opened again, illness will increase.

This ASA Safety Committee webinar will contain information for building owners, contractors and suppliers on actions that can be taken to reduce the rate of illness once buildings are in use again, and also reduce the liability associated with that building-related illness.

Click here to register.

April 28: ASA Distributor Town Hall Interview: The Showroom Story

ASA’s Mike Miazga talks to a pair of ASA member distributors about how their showroom businesses are coping with and adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic. Central Arizona Supply’s Jeremy Smith and Sandpiper Supply’s Christy Ellis lend their insight and expertise into a number of showroom-related topics. Listen to their discussion here.

April 27: ASA CEO Update

A brief update from ASA CEO, Mike Adelizzi can be found here.

April 24: COVID-19 Economic Webinar with ASA Chief Economist Dr. Christopher Kuehl

After the popularity of the first series of ASA COVID-19 economic webinars, and on the wishes of the attendees of those webinars, ASA has decided to host another two webinars with ASA Chief Economist Dr. Chris Kuehl. 
Dr. Kuehl previously shared great insights into the current pandemic crisis we are facing and answered a wide variety of questions coming from the audience. The pandemic situation today is just as uncertain as it was before, and businesses are struggling to keep afloat through this contagion recession. 

Through this new webinar, ASA will try and assist in eliminating some of the ambiguities for its members.

“Did We Peak? What Does This Mean?" 
By this point in the COVID 19 crisis, the issue is when we can think about ending the "lockdown recession." That means reaching a tipping point as far as the tradeoff between addressing the disease and dealing with the economy. Where are we with that decision and what does the recovery look like?

Please click here to register.

April 22: ASA Distributor Town Hall Interview: The PVF Industry

ASA’s Mike Miazga chats with ASA Industrial Piping Division members Brian Tuohey (The Collins Companies) and Kip Miller (Eastern Industrial Supplies) about how they are adjusting day-to-day operations during the pandemic. Listen to their discussion.

April 22: PPP Replenishment + Additional Health Care Stimulus

Yesterday, the Senate passed a $483.3 billion coronavirus relief package.  While the main intent of the bill was to replenish the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), the legislation also includes additional funding for the medical sector (including hospitals) that are facing financial deficits, in response to COVID-19. The House is expected to vote on the measure today and the President should sign the bill sometime this week.  The next round of stimulus is not expected to be taken up until early May.  ASA will keep you apprised of any developments.

Paycheck Protection Increase Act of 2020

Small Business Programs
  • $310B for the Paycheck Protection Program.
  • $10B for additional EIDL Grants.
  • Eligibility of Agricultural enterprises (fewer than 500 employees) for EIDL and Emergency Grants.
  • Creates a set-aside for Insured Depository Institutions, Credit Unions and Community Financial Institutions for the PPP.

This section sets aside the following amounts for the Paycheck Protection Program to be made by the following institutions:

  • $30B for loans made by Insured Depository Institutions and Credit Unions that have assets between $10B and $50B;
  • $30B for loans made by Community Financial Institutions, Small Insured Depository Institutions, and Credit Unions with assets less than $10B.
Additional Emergency Appropriations for Coronavirus Response

Health and Human Services - $100B

  • $75B for Public Health and Social Service Emergency Fund to prevent, prepare for and respond to coronavirus to eligible healthcare providers for related expenses or lost revenues attributed to coronavirus. This funding is in addition to the $100M provided in the CARES Act.
  • $25B for the Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund to research, develop, validate, manufacture, purchase, administer, and expand capacity for COVID-19 tests.
  • $11B for States, localities, territories, tribes, tribal organizations, urban Indian health organizations, or health service providers for COVID-10 tests.
  • $2B for States consistent with the Public Health Emergency Preparedness grant formula, ensuring every state receives funding.
  • $4.25B for areas based on relative number of COVID-19 cases; - $750M for tribes, tribal organizations, and urban entities.
  • $1B for the CDC Wide Activities Program Support for surveillance, epidemiology, laboratory capacity expansion, contact tracing, public health data surveillance and analytics infrastructure to expand and improve COVID-19 testing.
  • $306M to the National Institutes of Health - National Cancer Institute to develop, validate, improve, implement serological testing.
  • $500M to the National Institutes of Health - National Institute of Biomedical Imagining and Bioengineering to accelerate research, development and implementation of point of care and other rapid testing.
  • $1B to the National Institutes of Health, Office of the Director for the development of testing technologies. -$1B to the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority for testing and other activities. 
  • $22M for Food and Drug Administration - Salaries and Expenses.
  • $825M for Community Health Centers and rural health clinics.
  • Up to $1B to cover the costs of testing for the uninsured.
  • $6M for the HHS Office of Inspector general for oversight activities.
  • HHS Secretary must provide a report no later than 21 days on demographic characteristics and other relevant factors of individuals tested for or diagnosed with COVID-19 (number and rates of cases, hospitalizations and deaths).
  • No later than 180 days after the enactment of the Act, HHS Secretary shall issue a report on the number of positive cases by the demographic subsets described above.

Independent Agencies

Small Business Administration (SBA)

  • $2.1B for the SBA Salaries and Expenses account to remain available until September 30, 2021. 
  • Additional $50B for the Disaster Loans Program Account to remain available until expended. 
  • Additional $10B for Emergency EIDL Grants to remain available until expended. 

April 21: ASA COVID-19 Town Hall Interview - Inside the Federal Loan Programs Available to You

ASA’s Mike Miazga interviews Oklahoma-based attorney Al Givray about the various federal loan programs currently available to businesses. Givray has extensive involvement accessing grants and loans available through the CARES Act.

In addition to talking about the Paycheck Protection Program, Al focuses on:
1.    U.S. Treasury loans
2.    Federal Reserve’s Main Street Lending Program
3.    Advice to distributors and manufacturers during the pandemic: Turn over every leaf, think around the corner and look for opportunities to emerge.

Listen to their discussion here.

April 20: ASA CEO Update

A brief update from ASA CEO, Mike Adelizzi can be found here.

April 17: ASA Transportation Town Hall Interview

ASA’s Mike Miazga sits down with Transportation Insight’s John Richardson and Rick Brumett, a pair of transportation industry gurus, to get their thoughts and opinions on everything transportation and shipping related during the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen to their discussion.

April 17: Survey - Part 2: ASA Members React to COVID-19 Crisis

The American Supply Association, in conjunction with business intelligence partner Industry Insights, conducted a second survey of ASA member companies on a variety of topics related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey was part of a large-scale Industry Insights initiative that queried more than 30 associations spanning an assortment of industries. More than 1,500 responses to the survey were received, including those of ASA member companies. See the Executive Summary of this survey here.

The survey follows up on a previous field study several weeks ago, and this time digs deeper into the business-related effects of the pandemic, including staff reductions and applying for government assistance, plus how companies plan to react going forward and their predictions on when business conditions will return to pre-COVID-19 levels. The results from ASA participants can be found here.

April 16: ASA Distributor Town Hall Interview

ASA’s Mike Miazga talks to ASA members Jay Hults (Progressive Plumbing Supply), John Howe (American Pipe & Supply) and Joe Poehling (First Supply) about best practices and day-to-day operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen to their discussion.

April 16: ASA Covid-19 Economic Impact Webinar, Part 3

In case you missed it, ASA chief economist Dr. Chris Kuehl conducted part 3 of his COVID-19 economic impact webinar series. Listen to the webinar here.

April 15: ASA University Round Table Discussion - Training During the Pandemic

Special guests Amy Priddy from Falk Supply, Colin Folk from Pace Supply, and David Dellon of Dellon Sales joined ASA University’s Amy Black to share how their companies are prioritizing training during the COVID-19 crisis and how they are utilizing the support of ASA University. Click here to listen to how each of them are finding the positive within the current situation and maximizing the new-found time to engage and develop their employees. 

April 15: ASA Washington Update - Paycheck Protection Program Funding

With the anticipation that the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) will run out of money by the end of this week, ASA joined with its coalition partners to encourage bipartisan agreement on Congressional funding for the program, introduced as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. ASA, along with 265 other associations (representing a broad cross section of the American economy), sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader McConnell, House Minority Leader McCarthy and Senate Minority Leader Schumer, asking them to take quick action on this crucial funding mechanism for small businesses. 

April 14: ASA COVID-19 Manufacturers Rep Town Hall

ASA’s Mike Miazga presents another ASA COVID-19 Town Hall interview, this time focusing on the manufacturers representative segment of the PHCP-PVF supply chain. Mike’s guests are Carr Company’s Michael Hobbs, Tim Morales from Tim Morales and Associates and Brian Burke of Burke Agency. Click here to listen to their discussion.

April 14: ASA CEO Update

A brief update from ASA CEO, Mike Adelizzi can be found here.

April 13: OSHA Record Keeping Requirements During the COVID-19 Pandemic

OSHA has issued temporary enforcement guidance related to the COVID-19 pandemic for recording and reporting occupational injuries and illnesses required under 29 CFR Part 1904. For more information see the Enforcement Memoranda section of OSHA's COVID-19 Safety and Health Topics page.

April 10: Emerging From the Chaos

ASA and the team have been working hard to provide you critical information accompanied by outstanding videos to help you get through this difficult time. In addition, we have also been working hard behind the scenes preparing for when we emerge from this chaos. In this video, ASA CEO, Mike Adelizzi interviewed two individuals who are leading us in critical areas that will help you gain an advantage in the months and years after this COVID crisis. Listen to their discussion.

April 10: Latest Pandemic Revenue Index Shows Further Decline

Indian River Consulting Group’s Pandemic Revenue Index dropped further for the week March 30-April 3. Full details here.

April 10: Successfully Navigating Your Business Through COVID-19

From Supply House Times sister publication, Plumbing & Mechanical, author David Boduch with a ton of tips related to business management during the pandemic.

April 9: ASA Distributor Town Hall Interview

ASA’s Mike Miazga chats with Coburn Supply’s Patrick Maloney, Mid-City Supply’s Dan New and Plumbers and Factory Supplies’ Chris Reynolds on topics related to the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has affected the day-to-day business operations of their companies. Listen to their discussion.

April 9: ASA Covid-19 Economic Impact Webinar, Part 2

In case you missed it, ASA chief economist Dr. Chris Kuehl conducted part 2 of his COVID-19 economic impact webinar series. Turning the Corner: By this point, some of the issues will have been clarified. Either the virus is starting to fade due to the arrival of warmer weather or the imposition of the restrictions or it hasn't. The immediate economic blow will have been landed and now the focus is on survival. Listen to the webinar here.

April 8: OSHA COVID-19 Poster Available

OSHA has made a COVID-19 best practices poster available for individuals and companies. To access the poster, click here.

April 8: Sales Transformation in the Age of COVID-19

MDM has released a free whitepaper “Inside Sales Transformation in the Age of COVID-19” that explores the top sales challenges that wholesale distributors are facing in the digital age and shows how companies can shift over to a more meaningful, engaging sales model focused on the customer. To download the whitepaper, click here.

April 8: Preparing for the New Age of Handwashing

ASA member Bradley Corp. continues to be on top of the important topic of handwashing. Check out the manufacturer’s latest notes on handwashing from its annual Healthy Handwashing Survey.

April 8: Concerns Mount About Supply Chain Disruptions

Sales and marketing firm AFFLINK delves into supply chain disruption during the pandemic and asks distributors if they have a Plan B in place? Read more about it here.

April 7: ASA COVID-19 Small Business Financial Best Practices with Gene Marks

American Supply Association CFO, Aaron Scheiwe is joined by longtime ASA friend Gene Marks of The Marks Group to discuss a number of critical financial topics and relief programs related to small businesses operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch their discussion here.

April 7: 3 Mistakes That Will be Made This Week During Virtual Interactions

From past Women in Industry guest speaker Stacey Hanke, here are 3 mistakes that will be made this week during virtual interactions. To watch Stacey’s video, click here.

April 7: Critical Safety Documents

The ASA Safety Committee hosted an important COVID-19 safety best practices webinar last week. Here are some important links to materials from that webinar. To listen to a recording of the webinar, click here.

Sample SOP
Responding to a positive COVID-19 test, symptomatic individual, shared household. Thanks to First Supply’s Brittney Cornillaud for this.
Sample SOP    

Authorization to leave goods
From Winsupply’s Greg Holbrock, sample instructions for use of Authorization to Leave Goods.
Sample Instructions for use of Authorization to Leave Goods

Leave Form
And also from Greg Holbrock, a sample Authorization to Leave form.
Sample Authorization to Leave Form

April 6: ASA CEO Update

A brief update from ASA CEO, Mike Adelizzi can be found here.

April 6: Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility

The Center for Disease Control has issued new guidelines for the cleaning and sanitizing of workplaces. To access those guidelines, click here. Also, you can check out this article from the Society for Human Resource Management (SRHM) that goes into further detail.

April 6: In Case You Missed It: ASA COVID-19 Safety Webinar

The ASA Safety Committee recently hosted a COVID-19 safety webinar. Panelists included safety representatives from First Supply, The Granite Group and Winsupply. Panelists shared COVID-19 best practices during this highly informative webinar. To access the webinar, click here.

April 6: Social Distancing Doesn't Mean Business Distancing

Longtime industry friend Jim Nowakowski of Interline Creative Group shared his most recent blog. Here are Jim’s six tips that you can do now digitally to help your business through these disruptive times.

April 6: COVID-19: The Mental Side of the Pandemic

Please check out this article from sports journalist Darren Rovell, now at the Action Network, about managing anxiety during the pandemic. A must-read.

April 3: ASA CEO and Staff Update

ASA CEO, Mike Adelizzi and a few staff members gathered to provide an update on what ASA is doing for the membership during this crisis. Check out their discussion here.

April 3: How to Apply for a CARES Act Small Business Loan

Friday, April 3 is the day small businesses may begin applying for loans established under the CARES Act. In fact, there are numerous options available to businesses. Check out the Small Business Administration website here for all the details and how to apply.

April 3: Dodge Momentum Index Eases Back in March

The Dodge Data & Analytics Momentum Index is a leading indicator of construction spending. The March index fell to 146.5 from 147.4 in February. The index is a monthly measure of the first (or initial) report for nonresidential building projects in planning, which has been shown to lead construction spending for nonresidential buildings by a full year. Dodge cautions the March number is no indication yet on how the pandemic will affect the construction industry long-term. Check out all the details here.

April 3: ASA Covid-19 Economic Impact Webinar, Part 1

In case you missed it from earlier in the week, ASA chief economist Dr. Chris Kuehl conducted a COVID-19 economic impact webinar that touched on many subjects related to the pandemic and how it is affecting businesses. Listen to the webinar here.

Register here for Part 2 of this webinar series on Wednesday, April 8.

Part 2: Turning the Corner?
By this point, some of the issues will have been clarified. Either the virus is starting to fade due to the arrival of warmer weather or the imposition of the restrictions or it hasn't. The immediate economic blow will have been landed and now the focus is on survival.

Date: Wednesday, April 8
Time: 2 p.m. Eastern, 1 p.m. Central

April 3: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Issues 3-month Waiver

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued a three-month waiver in response to the COVID-19 crisis for states and CLP holders operating commercial motor vehicles. Full details can be found here.

April 2: ASA Distributor Town Hall Interview

Leading distributors gather to discuss how they are handling this crisis within their companies. Listen in on their discussion.

April 2: Distributors and COVID-19: What it means to move during a crisis

ActVantage’s Pradip Krishnadevarajan offers plenty of advice for how distributors can emerge out of the COVID-19 pandemic even stronger by using a patience-to-panic ratio. Learn more.

April 2: New paid sick leave and expanded family and medical leave plans announced

The U.S. Department of Labor announced new paid sick leave and expanded family and medical leave implementation. Read full details of the new rules that extend to Dec. 31, 2020.

April 1: Paycheck Protection Plan application

Via the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Department of Treasury has released the Paycheck Protection Program application, as well as a host of other supplemental information on the subject.

Access the Paycheck Protection Program application.

You can also access additional information on the plan.

April 1: Treasury guidance for Small Business Administration loans

The Department of Treasury also recently released this updated guidance regarding Small Business Administration loans. Learn more.

April 1: Small Business Administration loan resources

And the Small Business Administration has issued these various resources related to obtaining SBA loans.

To apply for federal disaster loans for businesses, private non-profits, homeowners and renters, visit the SBA site.

March 31: ASA CEO Crisis Update

VIDEO: Mike Adelizzi, ASA CEO, gives an update. Watch the video.

March 31: White House updates essential critical infrastructure workforce list to encompass full plumbing supply chain

Key language added to the definition of essential businesses gives a clear definition of the PHCP-PVF supply chain during this pandemic. Learn more.

March 31: 3 tips to manage and lead from afar

VIDEO: Stacey Hanke, an ASA Women in Industry ELEVATE past guest speaker, checks in with some tips on how to manage and lead from afar during the COVID-19 crisis. Watch the video.

March 31: Every plumbing company should consider the Paycheck Protection Program

Read this strong article about the ins and outs of the Paycheck Protection Program.

March 30: Distributor Pandemic Revenue Index down 5.5%

Indian River Consulting Group’s Pandemic Revenue Index showed a 5.5% decline after being up 3.01% just a week earlier in March. View the index to see the full details and learn what it means.

March 30: 5 tips for communications during the coronavirus crisis

From longtime industry PR/marketing guru Matt Sonnhalter, the importance of maintaining a calm, collected brand voice and keeping the channels of communication open with customers and team members. Learn more.

March 30: CARES Act helpful links: Small business loans, Paycheck Protection Program

Here are several good resources provided by National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) related to the ins and outs of the CARES Act, specifically small business loan and grant programs for companies with less than 500 employees.

March 30: Homeland Security updates critical infrastructure list

The Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency has released an updated advisory list that identifies essential critical infrastructure workers during the COVID-19 pandemic that casts a clearer and wider net on our PHCP-PVF industry in terms of what qualifies as “essential.” See the complete list.

March 30: Federal Stimulus Calculator

The Washington Post developed this stimulus calculator related to the CARES Act. Legislation signed into law provides $1,200 payments with annual incomes up to $75,000, plus another $500 per child. Folks earning more than $75,000 may also receive money if they meet certain qualifications.

March 30: Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Employee Paid Leave Rights

The Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division produced this comprehensive webpage that details essentials of Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Employee Paid Leave Rights.

Learn more about the key details on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Employee Paid Leave Rights.

March 30: Family and Medical Leave Act

The Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division also produced this comprehensive webpage that details essentials of the Family and Medical Leave Act.

March 27: Two ASA members featured in COVID-19 video series

From Dirk Beveridge’s “Leading During the Coronavirus Pandemic,” video series, two employees of ASA member companies were featured in the Week 2 Sunday presentation. The Granite Group’s Tracie Sponenberg talks about the human element of the crisis, while APR Supply’s Keith Northey, a Western regional manager at the Pennsylvania-based distributor, talks about how he, as a frontline manager, is helping his team pivot and stay focused in a rapidly changing environment. Visit the site and and select “Week 2 videos” to see Tracie and Keith’s great talks.

March 27: Dodge Data & Analytics paints grim Q2 economic picture amid COVID-19 outbreak

Dodge Data & Analytics has some pretty tough economic predictions for Q2 given the current pandemic, but notes there may be bluer skies ahead after that. Check out their thoughts.

March 27: Free ASA member COVID-19 economic webinars

ASA Chief Economist Dr. Christopher Kuehl will be conducting a series of three webinars for ASA members only related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on our industry and the economy in general.

The first webinar is scheduled for this coming Wednesday, April 1 at 2 p.m. Eastern (1 p.m. Central).

Titled “U.S. at the Epicenter,” Dr. Kuehl will examine what prompted the current reaction and how much damage can be expected as the U.S. adapts to lockdowns and emergency measures. “The optimistic assessment is that this period may be the worst of it from an economic standpoint, but the pessimistic assessment asserts the worst is yet to come,” Dr. Kuehl says. Sign up for the free webinar.

March 25: ASA Member COVID-19 Survey: The Full Results

The American Supply Association took part in a 25-association survey covering a multitude of industries pertaining to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. View the ASA-specific full data tables and compare to the overall 25-association data tables. Both documents are downloadable. The survey was conducted by ASA business intelligence partner Industry Insights.

March 25: Leading during the coronavirus pandemic, Part 2

This past Sunday, longtime ASA friend Dirk Beveridge again hosted seven 20-minute quick-hitter video sessions designed around the “Leading during the coronavirus pandemic” topic. These are must-watch videos. Topics this time include 5 principles and mindsets for your sales team during the crisis, talking about the human element of the crisis and how to pivot your marketing message in the early stages of the pandemic. Access both Sunday video sessions.

March 25: ASA CEO Crisis Update

By Mike Adelizzi

Thank you to all who have been reaching out to us to provide what is happening at your state level as we are working hard to try and bring clarity and consistency to many moving parts.

This crisis is like a game of Whac-A-Mole with states and local jurisdictions each issuing verifying sets of guidelines. Our team has been working hard to try and help provide some clarity and a little hope. You will see in my CEO Update here that we have gained some success in getting key verbiage in federal directives.

We are now focusing on states which in many cases is causing some real angst. Most members that I have talked to are frustrated with the confusion and uncertainty, and many are questioning the sensationalism they are seeing from the news — where are the positive stories? Here is what ASA is doing:

  • Leading in gaining favorable definitions from the federal and state governments.
  • Dramatically reduced pricing for members to access courses from ASA-U to train your key folks.
  • New ASA COVID Resource Center to access what we are doing.
  • Our friends at Armada Corporate Intelligence will convene a biweekly webinar to talk about economic impacts (starting next week). Details to follow very soon.

ASA Members and Employees Ask States to Help Define Essential Industry Thus far, more than 1,600 employees of American Supply Association member companies have visited the ASA Take Action page and have sent more than 6,500 emails to President Trump, as well as their U.S. senators and local congressmen in support of declaring the PHCP-PVF industry essential during this national crisis.

As we face mounting challenges across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic, government response has been starkly different at the federal, state and local levels. Over the past 48 hours, we have been working on behalf of our ASA members (and with our coalition allies) to establish what it means to be an “essential business” during this crisis. In many areas, it has been a patchwork of regulations that can vary by state, county and municipality. As a result, ASA took swift action to protect the PHCP & PVF channel during the pandemic.

We are taking further steps to encourage states to include our industry on their essential business lists. Given the small window of time we have to complete this, we are requesting our members and their employees to help in this endeavor.

“We asked that our members send a message to the White House, requesting a national standard for which industries qualify as ‘essential’ during this emergency,” said Steve Rossi, ASA director of government affairs. “Decision-makers at the federal level heard that the PHCP & PVF channel is crucial to our infrastructure, as well as the health and safety of citizens across the country, and have included our industry in the federal guidelines of essential businesses.”

We encourage ASA member companies and their employees to write their elected state officials urging them to classify our industry as essential at the state level.

To write your state official, visit the ASA action page.

ASA University is Here to Help

ASA University is working to provide more resources for you and your employees during this uncertain time. A FREE library of courses covering coronavirus vigilance and tips for working and managing from home will be available through May for all ASA Members. Additionally, many members are looking for ways to keep their at-home employees engaged and focused and are finding that professional development is a great way to do both. ASA University will be offering more than 50 online courses for only $25 each, as well as continued access to FREE manufacturer training, so your employees can learn something new, expand their knowledge and skills, and be ready to help your business grow once we are on the other side of this crisis.

Watch for a notice on Wednesday on how to access, or contact Amy Black at to get started.

You ASA team is fully engaged and working hard to serve you as best as we can during this crisis. Hang in there everyone, we’ve been through this before, we will get through this together again.

Michael Adelizzi, CEO

March 25: COVID-19: Impact on the plumbing industry

BNP Media’s Plumbing Group, which includes Supply House Times, the longtime official publication of ASA, takes a deeper look into the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the PHCP-PVF supply chain. Learn more.

March 25: Zurn pledges $1 million of hygienic product to healthcare facilities

In the fight against COVID-19, Zurn pledges a bundle of products to help healthcare facilities upgrade to a touchless environment. Learn more.

March 25: ASA University offering free online COVID-19 training courses

We have heard from many members that they are prioritizing development for their at-home employees during the COVID-19 outbreak. ASA University has responded by offering a library of free and significantly discounted online courses. Access training around coronavirus vigilance and safety, working and managing remotely, manufacturer-specific products, and role-based competencies. ASA-U is here to help keep employees productive during the outbreak, engaged in their development, and prepared for continued success once we are on the other side of this crisis.

March 24: ASA urges member employees to write state officials regarding essential industry status

ASA member employees (more than 1,600 of them so far), have flooded national elected officials with calls to classify our industry as essential amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, we are asking ASA member companies and their employees to do the same at the state level. Contact your officials today.

March 24: COVID-19 impact on businesses: A statistical breakdown

American Supply Association members were part of a multi-industry survey related to the COVID-19 outbreak, and it’s immediate impacts on the business climate. ASA business intelligence partner Industry Insights, which conducted the survey, breaks down the results here across all industries. Read about ASA-specific results.

March 24: Department of Homeland Security gives advice for work truck industry during COVID-19

DHS is encouraging work truck industry companies to conduct a thorough analysis of their business operations in the context of their local authority decisions using these DHS guidelines. Learn more.

March 24: IAPMO advocates for plumbing industry in federal response to COVID-19 pandemic

Codes body outlines clear necessities that should be part of any passed legislation related to pandemic-related economic hardships. Learn more.

March 23: ASA asks President and Congress to classify PHCP-PVF industry as essential business

More than 1,400 employees of ASA member companies have visited the ASA Take Action page on the ASA website and have sent more than 5,500 emails to President Trump, their U.S. senators and local congressmen in support of declaring the PHCP-PVF industry as essential business. Learn more.

March 23: ASA among 83 organizations urging improvements to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

ASA’s Advocacy efforts have shifted into overdrive as it looks to help member companies and their employees through this difficult time. ASA is among 83 organizations that have pushed for changes to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. Learn more.

March 23: ASA urges Washington to help Main Street businesses during COVID 19 pandemic

ASA is among 110 organizations to advocate for small businesses during coronavirus crisis. Learn more.

March 23: Bradley Corp. shares handwashing habits across the United States

Via our good friends at Supply House Times, ASA member Bradley Corp. with some useful data centered around washing your hands. A good share for employees and customers.

March 23: OSHA offers guidance for preparing workplaces for coronavirus

All sorts of useful materials from OSHA as it pertains to dealing with COVID-19 in the workplace from both a corporate and employee perspective are available.

March 23: Northeastern Supply best practices amid COVID-19 crisis

Baltimore, Maryland-based Northeastern Supply recently shared some of its customer-facing COVID-19 best practices. We encourage ASA members (distributors, manufacturers, manufacturers reps) to share their COVID-19 best practices with others in the ASA family on the ASA Facebook page.

March 23: Video: APR Supply’s Keith Northey on Personal Development During Times of Crisis

From Keith Northey at APR Supply Co. Keith was part of Dirk Beveridge's Unleash WD COVID-19 Sunday presentations yesterday and spoke to attendees from a regional manager point of view. Keith notes his field sales folks, who now are working from home, are required to take at least one professional development course each day. Check out Keith's great video!

March 23: Video: Marriott International CEO Demonstrates Authentic Leadership

A must-watch video via Forbes. Marriott Hotels's CEO displays the definition of authentic leadership in a time of crisis. Watch the video

March 23: COVID-19 Best Practices from ASA IPD Member Galloup 

Some COVID-19 best practices from ASA IPD member Galloup (Kendall Group). ASA encourages our members to share their employee and customer best practices in these challenging times here on the ASA Facebook page.

March 20: A Weekly Recap from ASA CEO Mike Adelizzi

Keep ASA informed. Please help us stay on top of what’s happening in your state and your community. If you see governmental agencies not supporting our industry as essential, please let us know. Read the weekly recap.

March 20: Survey: ASA Members React to COVID-19 Crisis

ASA along with business intelligence partner Industry Insights recently conducted a survey of ASA member companies related to the COVID-19 virus. The ASA component is part of a larger sample size of 25 trade associations from industries such as manufacturing, distribution and retail. The results on the ASA end show the virus outbreak already has caused direct financial impact to businesses.

March 20: OSHA Offers Guidance for Preparing Workplaces for Coronavirus

This guidance is part of the Department of Labor’s ongoing efforts to educate workers and employers about the COVID-19 outbreak. View the guidance.

March 20: COVID-19 Distribution and Improvisation Measures

Supply House Times columnist and longtime industry consultant Bruce Merrifield offers 7 innovative tips to use in your business during these uncertain times.

March 20: Pennsylvania Provides Clarity on Wholesale-Distribution Sector During COVID Crisis

Pennsylvania has come out with further clarification on what businesses within its state are classified as life-sustaining during the COVID-19 pandemic. The list provides key insight into wholesale-distribution, as well several other functions within the PHCP-PVF industry. Learn more.

March 20: Homeland Security Identifies Plumbers as Essential During COVID-19 Outbreak

President Trump and the Department of Homeland Security issued a Coronavirus Guidance for the U.S.., in which plumbers and other tradespeople have been classified as “essential critical infrastructure workers.” Access the full list. Thanks to our friends at IAPMO for highlighting industry-specific parts of this long list.

March 19: VIDEOS: Leading Companies Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Our good friend Dirk Beveridge at Unleash WD conducted a series of eight live 20-minute conversations with various subject-matter experts aimed to help lead companies through the COVID-19 crisis. All eight must-watch videos are available online.

Two of the subjects include how to stress-test your business in times of crisis and the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis. Learn more.

March 18: COVID-19 Safety Webinar

Dupont Sustainable Solutions via Safety + Health Magazine is presenting a special COVID-19 webinar to help your company prepare and respond to the pandemic as it pertains to the workplace. Registration now.

March 18: The Unprecedented Disruption of COVID-19: What Distributors Should Do Next

From our friends at Supply House Times and Indian River Consulting Group, here are 4 critical steps distributors need to take now to strengthen their positions during the COVID-19 crisis.

March 18: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

Pennsylvania and California governors declare our industry as essential during current crisis. ASA advocates this status for all states and is working with National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors to get national clarity as well. Learn about Pennsylvania.

March 16: Share Your COVID-19 Best Practices on Facebook

How is your company navigating the coronavirus situation? How are your adjusting your counter, warehouse, delivery and other vital day-to-day operations? We encourage you to share best practices here with others in the PHCP-PVF supply chain. Visit the ASA Facebook page and please stay safe!

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